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Posts from ‘July, 2008’

We’re going hunting for a panda…

“Flurry of activity” barely begins to describe our 2nd weekend in Mexico City. John managed to come across invites to multiple events at our apartment complex, which kicked off Friday evening with a “Christmas in July” party. Theme parties are only the best thing ever, and Bertie executed this one to its fullest with a […]

Our air freight from Virginia gets to apartment faster than Cablevision

In seemingly a new air speed record, it took less than a week before we were the proud recipients of SOME OF OUR WORLDLY POSSESSIONS!! We sent all our clothes and some key kitchen accoutrements via air freight, and were very excited to see them all arrive safe & sound at our apartment complex in […]

Good yet tiring times on the Turibus

Three trips on the Turibus is one or two too many. While John was at his first day of work on Tuesday, I ran some errands in the AM & then ventured down to the Turibus departure point in the early afternoon. The open-air bus runs two routes– one east/west between Polanco (where we live) […]

Words of wisdom from the Embassy

Wednesday was my first foray into the fortress that is the U.S. Embassy, aka. Embajada de los Estados Unidos. The Community Liason Office kindly holds Newcomers’ Briefings once a week, where a variety of folks give you an overview on life in Mexico City & within the Embassy. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how […]

Don’t show weakness in the D.F.

God bless the driver from the Embassy. He met us just after the last set of tolls outside of the city, so that we could follow him to our apartment on Monday. Initially we were really appreciative, having heard numerous anecdotes about how much la policia in D.F. like to pull over folks with U.S. […]

Spanish lessons don’t always cover ordering breakfast

Our route to Mexico D.F. (D.F. meaning ‘Distrito Federal’, or Federal District, similar to Washington D.C.) took us from Nuevo Laredo through/around/near Monterrey, Saltillo, Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, and southeast on into the city. We stuck with the toll roads most of the way there, and were pleasantly surprised by the road quality on […]

You might run to the border, but you will crawl back

“When you get to Laredo, cross the border & get your car permits, then come back across the border, stay in Laredo, and head out early the next morning,” we were told. Uh, ok. Things seemed off to a good start, as I had sussed out the best place to stay this side of the […]

Texas, our final frontier

We rolled into Keller, TX in the evening on July 10th, and were excited to see our friends Heidi & Scott, and their boys, Nathan & Aaron. Luckily, we arrived in time for a brief showing of the latest and greatest in the world of toys– an impressive collection! The adults managed to down a […]

Mmmmm chair…

There’s not a lot to be said for our drive from Grand Island down to Dallas/Fort Worth. Driving through Kansas and Oklahoma on I-135/I-35 *may* have even fewer redeeming features than driving on I-80 through Nebraska. The only highlight was after becoming ravenous & hoping against hope that we could find somewhere to stop besides […]

Grand Island’s Coop de Grâce

Conversation I’ve had a zillion times in my life (second only to anything regarding my height): Stranger: “Where are you from?” Me: “Nebraska!” Stranger (in a tone implying they know more than one city in Nebraska): “Oh! Where at in Nebraska?” Me (in skeptical tone): “Grand Island… Do you know it?” Stranger (in a tone […]

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