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And so it begins…

John & Julie's wedding

John & Julie's wedding

So after finally getting adjusted to living in the same city, having a mortgage, and driving on the Beltway, John & I decided to change it up this summer. First, we decided to get married in Scotland. Planning a wedding in the same time zone? Simply not enough of a challenge for us. So in May 2008, we drug a few family & friends over to Glasgow & tied the knot. Then we said to ourselves, “Okay, after the honeymoon, let’s give ourselves exactly one month to get ready to move to another country.”  And so it was during June that we ran through zillions of to-do lists, quit my job, packed up our lives, rented our house, got all sorts of new official-looking IDs, said farewell to our friends & families, and drove down to Mexico City for John’s job at the US Embassy & my MBA program at Thunderbird/Tec de Monterrey.

I promised a blog to the many folks I left behind. “It will be riveting,” I assured them. “I will update it daily with wacky shenanigans; it will be like I’m right there next to you in the [office/Panera/pub/living room/wine festival/improv class/cheese store].”  Secretly, I gave myself about 25% odds of actually doing anything.

Well, those odds have now gone up to 100%, but I am taking new wagers on whether I will actually manage to keep this up for 2 years. Or whether it will be even readable, much less riveting. If you’d like to make a bet, please add a comment with any insights. Rewards will vary, but may include a) street tacos from D.F., b) giardia, or c) both.

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  1. Tomas says:

    Hi Julie. I just found your blog (via a link on twitter) yesterday and have been reading it non-stop. I just wanted to tell you that I really like your post and I’m glad you documented your time in el DF. I’ve always wanted to visit el DF but didn’t because of some trepidation I felt. Your blog (along with others I’ve come across) has opened my eyes and now plan on visiting in 2012. Thanks again for such an awesome blog.


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