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Grand Island’s Coop de Grâce

Conversation I’ve had a zillion times in my life (second only to anything regarding my height):

Stranger: “Where are you from?”
Me: “Nebraska!”
Stranger (in a tone implying they know more than one city in Nebraska): “Oh! Where at in Nebraska?”
Me (in skeptical tone): “Grand Island… Do you know it?”
Stranger (in a tone admitting they aren’t 100% certain of any cities in Nebraska): “Ermmm… Is it by Omaha…?”

One of the premier flyover states

Probably the best of the 'flyover states', thank you very much

Few of the folks I’ve met on the East Coast are overly familiar with Nebraska, much less my scenic hometown of Grand Island (which is arguably neither grand nor an island… discuss.) So, I figured this would be a good forum to highlight our family home, via the sharp photo I took of our travel atlas as John & I cruised into NE.

Where in the world is Grand Island, Nebraska

Where in the world is Grand Island, Nebraska

(This also highlights the 2.5-3 hour drive we have from the Omaha airport anytime we fly in for a visit…though that pales in comparison with the 5-6 hour roundtrip my parents have to come pick us up!!)
After stopping for a brief caffeine break in Omaha with high school friend & even newer-newlywed Susie, we made it to GI, where we had a joyous reunion with my parents, Larry & Marcia, and Dave-the-dander-producing-Jack-Russell-Terrier. As has become tradition, we promptly went to the premier restaurant in town, the Chicken Coop.

Non-chain restaurants tend to come and go in Grand Island, but this spot has now been around for an impressive 4+ years. Not only do they have fried Wisconsin cheese curds as an appetizer, they also brew their own beer and it’s actually good. As much as I love beer, microbreweries don’t always do it for me, but The Coop (in conjunction with Thunderhead Brewery) is definitely worth a stop. Larry & Marcia are fervently working to keep The Coop alive via regular visits AND, I was impressed to note, no longer even need to look at a menu. They just know. Keep on clucking, Chicken Coop; keep on clucking.

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  1. Susie says:

    Reminds me of:
    Jingle: “Something’s always cooking at the Cluckin’ Chicken”

    Chicken: “Mmm! I’m gooooood!”

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