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Mmmmm chair…

There’s not a lot to be said for our drive from Grand Island down to Dallas/Fort Worth. Driving through Kansas and Oklahoma on I-135/I-35 *may* have even fewer redeeming features than driving on I-80 through Nebraska. The only highlight was after becoming ravenous & hoping against hope that we could find somewhere to stop besides Hardees or Burger King, a light came down from the heavens and shone down upon Lincoln Perk in Hesston, Kansas. Caffeine jolt AND lunch AND wireless internet all in one!

Furniture offers a lot of flavor inspiration for gelato?

Furniture offers a lot of flavor inspiration for gelato?

As we were waiting to place our order, John & I were both eyeing the array of gelato offerings. It was then that he queried, “I wonder what chair tastes like?”

“I think that might be chai,” I clarified.

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  1. Heidi Lee says:

    The most notable thing about a drive Scott and I did from Kansas to Dallas were the cowboy boots on the curtains in the motel where we spent the night in New Mexico. Fascinating. Oh – and every time we had to stop on the side of the road, I involuntarily had thoughts that we were going to be abducted… By aliens or maniac-serial-killer truck-drivers.

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