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You might run to the border, but you will crawl back

a 'must stay' on your next trip through Laredo, TX

a 'must stay' on your next trip through Laredo, TX

“When you get to Laredo, cross the border & get your car permits, then come back across the border, stay in Laredo, and head out early the next morning,” we were told. Uh, ok. Things seemed off to a good start, as I had sussed out the best place to stay this side of the Rio Grande, La Posada Hotel. This place was gorgeous, with two pools, swim-up pool bar, spacious & super-clean rooms, and amazing food- rare for hotel restaurants. After checking in & exchanging some pesos at the Casa de Cambio down the road, we zipped across the border to Nuevo Laredo to get our visas sorted & our car import permit. The entire process was overall surprisingly smooth & the lines weren’t too crazy; we even bonded with a random Mexican/German couple who now live in Dallas. 

Leaving Laredo proves to be much faster than entering it...

Leaving Laredo proves to be much faster than enterting

The part we were dreading came on the way back, where we got to sit in the standstill line of cars slowly snaking from the car permitting building over the Rio Grande to the US border for over 1.5 hours. (As per the photo, you’ll note that the lanes going back over bridge #1 into the States are just a little backed up…)  I think we easily could have been to Monterrey in the time that it took us to get BACK to Laredo. If we were advising someone else, we would probably suggest getting to Laredo in the evening, staying at La Posada, dining/drinking like kings, and getting up at the crack of dawn to go wrestle the car permitting place. However, that approach would meaning missing out on breakfast at La Posada, which I could not in good conscience tell someone to do, so you’ll have to make your own call. :)

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  1. Heidi Lee says:

    I just had a nightmare vision of getting stuck in that line with Scott. Terrifying.

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