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Don’t show weakness in the D.F.

God bless the driver from the Embassy. He met us just after the last set of tolls outside of the city, so that we could follow him to our apartment on Monday. Initially we were really appreciative, having heard numerous anecdotes about how much la policia in D.F. like to pull over folks with U.S. license plates for a little “chat”. About 5 minutes into the drive, we were really, really appreciative, when a policeman on a motorcycled pulled along side us & gestured for us to pull over. Ruben began honking, and once the cop realized we were following someone with diplomatic plates, he let us continue unscathed (and with all of our pesos still in hand).

Our drive into the city & subsequent taxi/bus rides quickly taught us the cardinal rule of driving in Mexico City: he who hesitates loses. Or perhaps better described as– if you show weakness and/or worry too much about minor details (like¬†stop signs/traffic lights/pedestrians), it will take you forever to get where you’re going and you will elicit innumerable honks/hand gestures/obscenities in the process.

To be fair, I have yet to venture out behind the wheel, but am busily taking copious mental notes & feel like I have already seen enough to throw out a cardinal rule. I reserve the right to modify it after my first traffic accident.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Yes! Driving in Mexico City is complicated…after 6 years here, I compiled my Driving Rules for Mexico City. Maybe I should add this one. http://ymimexico.org/2008/03/20/mexico-city-driving-rules/

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