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Good yet tiring times on the Turibus

Three trips on the Turibus is one or two too many. While John was at his first day of work on Tuesday, I ran some errands in the AM & then ventured down to the Turibus departure point in the early afternoon. The open-air bus runs two routes– one east/west between Polanco (where we live) and the Zocalo (downtown). The “Ruta del Sur” runs from Madrid Square south to UNAM (the largest university in Latin America).

As per my hope, the main route was a great overview of all the highlights of Mexico City & made me excited about all the things we have to DOOOOO here! It was great to see such amazing architecture, innumerable restaurants & mysterious street carts, loads of museums, and the odd naked group protest (of which I saw two). Of course, inching along in the bumper-to-bumper traffic was also a cautionary lesson of ‘never drive near the Zocalo’. 

Click here to see the random album of Turibus pics

Click here to view the album of Turibus pics

On Thursday I did the south route, which takes you by the World Trade Center, San Angel, the Olympic Stadium, Frida Kahlo’s home/museum, UNAM, and more. I would say while there are definitely some highlights, the south route is a bit more sparsely populated & sloooow. An added bonus was the random 25 minute stop we made while it was raining in Coyoacan for no apparent reason, at which point I began to get a bit jittery. However, not knowing any other quicker options for getting back near Polanco, I stuck it out until we got back to where the south route spurs off from the main route (~4 hrs later?), and then walked the hour it took to get home. :)

Since John had been at work all week, he missed out on the city overview, so I told him I would come with him on Saturday (I am clearly the best wife ever), though only on the main route. Luckily traffic was much lighter & the bus much less busy, so it was a mere 3 hours of us getting sunburnt on the bus.  I am now officially Turibused-out, so any of you who come to visit will just have to hope that John & I have learned how to drive around the city by then, and that we’re feeling generous enough to give you a TuriMaxima tour.

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  1. Tracy (Upal's wife) says:

    I visited Chapultapec Park, Palacio de Bellas Artes and I think the Metropolitan Cathedral in summer of 1977 on a trip with my Jr. High Spanish class. Freaky, huh? (At least I think it was that Cathedral. It was huge and had a lot of gold stuff inside which is the kind of thing that impresses you when you are 13.)

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