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Our air freight from Virginia gets to apartment faster than Cablevision

In seemingly a new air speed record, it took less than a week before we were the proud recipients of SOME OF OUR WORLDLY POSSESSIONS!! We sent all our clothes and some key kitchen accoutrements via air freight, and were very excited to see them all arrive safe & sound at our apartment complex in Polanco. Since we didn’t really know what to expect, we’ve been overall pleasantly surprised by our new dwelling. 

Check out some pics of our apartment here

Check out some pics of our apartment here

Really big kitchen w/plenty of storage, plenty of space overall, pretty clean, and a nice pool/bbq area right outside our door. There are a bunch of other embassy folks in this complex as well who have all been super-friendly, so we are happy to be making progress assimilating!

Turning this “house into a home” as absorbed much of our efforts these first several days… Lots of scrounging the grocery stores to stock up our cupboards/fridge, searching Amazon for what I can’t find here, and having near-daily interaction with my pal Octavio from Cablevision. 

In an naive attempt to be productive & not be intimidated by my lack of Spanish mastery, I trekked on over to the Cablevision store to set up our internet & cable TV. Having tried to prep myself with the correct terminology in advance, I felt my discussion with Octavio went smoothly enough. (And by smoothly, I mean it ended with me giving out my credit card number, signing multiple pages of 5-point Spanish font contracts & possibly signing over my first born child to Mexico’s telecom monopoly.)  Octavio assured me someone would call the next day to set up the install. (odds: zero %)

After re-contacting Octavio two days later, he then called us back Sunday morning & in a flurry of rapid Spanish, informed us the install couldn’t happen because the guy who lived in our apartment before us did not pay his ~$200 USD bill. John & I shuttled the phone between each other until he hung up. Octavio then proceeded to call back each morning for the next several days, wanting to discuss with me about the mystery bill, with me responding “No entiendo como esto es mi problema” in increasingly sharper tones. Luckily John has a magical contact at the embassy who has a magical contact at Cablevision, who confirmed a) the guy who lived here before us didn’t even have Cablevision, and b) that the install guys may actually come next week.

Lesson learned: get a native speaker to call & set up your cable & internet for you. And don’t sign up with Octavio.

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