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Posts from ‘August, 2008’

Praying fervently for a connection…broadband, that is…

This morning I am praying fervently to the gods of Cablevision that they will shine their love down upon me & send me a technician to fix our internet & cable TV, which have now officially been non-functional for one full week. At this point, it is not even as much about having the TV […]

Lucha Libre: I may become a regular

Okay, okay, I realize that I have taken a short break from my promised regular blog updates… My apologies to all my faithful readers (both of you??), and I will try to get things back in gear!!  I figured what better way to do that, than via a post about LUCHA LIBRE!!!  For those of […]

The MBA countdown has officially begun…

I officially survived the first 10 days of my MBA. I think it may have been a bit more focused on drinking/dancing than I can anticipate the rest of program being, but hey, it’s all about balance, right? The orientation & initial classes at Thunderbird all went really well, and gave a promising indication of […]

An Update from Arizona

A brief note for anyone interested– two major milestones reached last week! 1) I got a job offer! 2) I started my MBA program!  All in less than one month in Mexico; vast progress in my mind.   Certainly a dramatic improvement from the options to occupy my time that were bandied about among my […]

When security companies show off

Properties in our neighborhood here in Mexico City are heavily secured, to say the least. Almost all have high walls/gates of some sort. Many have manned guard shacks or at least a guard window. The more innovative have decorative borders of electric fences, concertina wire, or shards of glass bottles/etc. jabbed into cement on the […]

Saturday in San Angel

We set our alarms for 7:30 AM this past Saturday, in a burst of inspiration that those of you know me, know is reserved only for EXPLORING (especially when that exploring may involve shopping). Instead of taking the easy option of a taxi, we opted for the double whammy of public transit: a pesero + […]

Public transport in Mexico City: overall, thumbs up

In hopes of someday helping a visitor to Mexico City, here’s my three-weeks-in assessment of the public transit options around here. Positives: plentiful & very cheap. Negatives: busy & usually warm. Major caveat: I have not yet tried the Metro/Metrobus during rush hour on a week day (7-9AM, 6-9PM), and don’t know that I would […]

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