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Posts from ‘September, 2008’

Almost as much corn as in Nebraska!

One of the favorite street foods here is corn (or elote), prepared in a variety of methods. I may have mentioned in my Taxco post that we tried it there for the first time. There, we experienced what seemed to be corn boiled in its husks with the full treatment, which included: a wooden stick […]

A sad day for Mexican circus lovers

I seriously debated whether to post this breaking-news item, out of concern for offending the sensibilties of my more delicate readers… In the end, however, I decided that since I may be your only set of eyes and ears here in Mexico, I am obligated to be the bearer of anything that falls into the “News You […]

Mario Kart D.F.

Last night, I left my safety blanket in the glove box. In a burst of confidence, I drove home in Mexico City without using my GPS, and I didn’t get lost.  Yes, so maybe it was less than 10 miles, and it was from the school that I had already been to 2 times, but you will […]

Xochicalco, our first archaeological venture

On our way back from Taxco the other weekend, we decided that our first Mexican road trip wouldn’t really be complete without hitting a historically-significant archaeological site. Conveniently, Xochicalco was (more or less) on our way back, a site that was in its prime around 650 AD. It was around this time that the better-known site of […]

A new Spanish student’s worst nightmare…but no longer mine!

I have to share a couple brief anecdotes from my new employee orientation these past two days in Aguascalientes. But first, I must comment on how friendly everyone that I have met was. Everyone has been extremely kind, helpful, and patient with mi espanol. One highlight was the tour they gave me of the innards of our […]


I felt like this photo merited its own post. I am going to try & start a push to really get the term “pandastico” introduced to Mexican culture. It appears I have the support of HP’s advertising agency. Will keep you updated on my progress. Potential definition:    a feeling of being filled with the […]

Taxco, home of silver galore!

Having officially lived in Mexico City for a whopping seven weeks, we decided it was time for our first excursion into the countryside. Much internet-searching & advice-gathering lead us to Taxco, a former silver mining town of ~50,000 people located about 2.5 hours to the south of D.F. Originally founded by the Aztecs, this town […]

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