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Posts from ‘October, 2008’

If Judas Priest falls in a forest and no one hears them, do they still exist?

Tonight during my business trip to Guadalajara, I discovered that one of my coworkers has been hiding his knowledge of über-trendy spots in GDL (by instead allowing us to end up repeatedly at Karne Garibaldi which, while it has amazing food, is arguably less “trendy” and more “cafeteria-esque”).  So after a ~10 hour staff meeting […]

My singing taxi driver

I take a lot more taxis around Mexico City than I ever did in DC, and each taxi trip here begets the question of “to chat or not to chat”. (And by extension, “to practice my Spanish or not”) You can pretty much tell as soon as you get in whether the taxi driver is […]

Acapulco– Mexican Independence Day Wknd Part 2

Sunday morning Sept 14, John, Robyn and I rolled into our fancy-pants hotel in Acapulco, Las Brisas. Although we probably didn’t *need* to stay in one of the top 3 hotels in Acapulco, this was our last hurrah before I started work and after all, one never knows when one will get back to Acapulco! So we […]

Las Estacas: Mexican Independence Day Wknd Part 1

Finally! Getting around to writing about our trip to Acapulco & Las Estacas over the Mexican Independence Day long weekend (at 11PM on Sept 15).  We headed south out of town on Saturday morning with several friends, thinking an 8AM departure would surely put us well ahead of any other holiday-seekers. Boy were we wrong. […]

Undervalued Perk of Business Travel

So I spent 5 nights in Guadalajara last week, and this week I am in Dallas for 3 nights. And with these 8 nights of hotel stays, I have discovered a previously underappreciated perk of business travel when you live in Mexico City: all the tap water you can drink. That’s right. Tap water. As you […]

Land Speed Record for…serving meat

Tonight in Guadalajara, I visited the Guinness World Record holder for the “fastest service in the world”. I was not overly impressed by this concept prior to entering Karne Garibaldi, but I must say, as soon as we sat down, I was excited by the flurry of food that emerged. One possible reason for their speed in service is their somewhat […]

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