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Land Speed Record for…serving meat

Tonight in Guadalajara, I visited the Guinness World Record holder for the “fastest service in the world”. I was not overly impressed by this concept prior to entering Karne Garibaldi, but I must say, as soon as we sat down, I was excited by the flurry of food that emerged. One possible reason for their speed in service is their somewhat limited menu. And by limited, I mean there is one entree-basically a soup that consists of beef roasted in its own juices, some beans, and chunks of bacon. (ok, ok, twist my arm)  All you have to do is pick the size– small, medium or large.

That said, they bring so much random food to your table as soon as you sit down (random apps/accoutrements for the soup) that you kind of feel like “well, I should just get the small because look how much food is already on the table!”   Let me assure you– much like a Brazilian churrascaria, do not be fooled by the first round of accoutrements & naively fill up your belly with chips + beans w/corn kernels in it. Instead, get at least the medium & fill your belly with tasty tasty meat. Mmmm. Karne Garibaldi is definitely getting added to the “places to bring John when we come back to Guadalajara” list.

(note: yes, acknowledged, still no pictures from basically the last month, but I deserve forgiveness because am operating on <6 hours of sleep a night for the recent past & forseeable future, and can barely form coherent written English thoughts because am so focused on trying not to sound like an ignorant American with the bazillions of Mexicans I am meeting for business this week. FYI, meetings in Spanish when you speak Spanish like a 3rd grader are exhausting.)  :)

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  1. Joy says:

    You’re going to learn Spanish so quickly! I work in English all day, so I’m basically a toddler, Spanish-wise. And there’s no signs of it getting better (this is not helped by how lazy I am).

  2. Luis Angel De La Rosa says:

    Now I see that you already know more domestic sites that a common mexican! That´s great. You have proved mindfullness and a real interest for our culture.
    I definitively will go to this place once I be located in GUadalajara!

  3. […] her family originally hailed from Guadalajara, and I think I broke into a brief hymn of praise for Karne Garibaldi & its carne en su jugo. I was beginning to fear that my Mexico fangirl tendencies might not have […]

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