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Las Estacas: Mexican Independence Day Wknd Part 1

Lush grounds of Las Estacas, about ~90 miles south of D.F.

Lush grounds of Las Estacas, about ~90 miles south of D.F.

Finally! Getting around to writing about our trip to Acapulco & Las Estacas over the Mexican Independence Day long weekend (at 11PM on Sept 15).  We headed south out of town on Saturday morning with several friends, thinking an 8AM departure would surely put us well ahead of any other holiday-seekers. Boy were we wrong. To traverse the ~90 miles to our initial destination, we spent a cool 5 hours in the car. Ouch. But, we finally arrived at Las Estacas, a gorgeous “natural water park” + campground-type setup, with a river running through it & lots of stellar BBQ spots.

Here's the "Good meets Evil" section of water the boys swam through...totally clean, honest....

Here's the "Good meets Evil" section of water the boys swam through...totally safe, honest....

It was pretty funny because the river, usually crystal-clear, was completely clouded over & a bit sketch-looking (apparently due to a nearby dirty river flooding after recent rains).  The staff were draining/cleaning out all the pool areas that were supplied by the river water, so it was a bit sad that we couldn’t lounge about in all the water spots, but impressive at how diligent they were working! Anyway, I got a good chuckle because the guys decided to go for a swim in the area of the river that was still crystal clear. However, they got ambitious & decided to swim some loop which sent them right through the middle of the muck on their way back. There was some mention of ‘eyes burning’, but I am confident that there TOTALLY was not any sewage in the mucky bits…honest… :)

We don't need no stinking grill tools...

We don't need no stinking grill tools...

BBQ-ing tools didn’t quite make it into anyone’s car, so John put on an impressive performance grilling things with chopsticks, with extra emphasis on the “stick” part.  After stuffing ourselves with oh-so-tasty burgers & other snacky bits, John, Robyn and I headed off west, Acapulco-bound!  To minimize our night-driving in Mexico (ref. elephant article below), we stayed overnight in a town a little over halfway there– Chilpancingo. (Perfectly fine for a quick nite in a hotel, but wouldn’t necessarily RUSH back for a lengthier visit.)  On to the next post for Acapulco!

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  1. Too bad the water was dirty when you were there. My husband is from a little town in Morelos and we went to Las Estacas last March and it was absolutely wonderful. The water truly was crystal clear (although slightly chilly) and lots of great options from the river swimming to the natural diving board areas. Go again some time in the spring (or any part of the dry season)and you’ll have much better luck! We also went to El Rollo which is more a huge water park with slides and a wave pool. However, most of the slides are closed in the spring so we didn’t really enjoy that as much. We preferred the natural uniqueness of Las Estacas.

    1. Julie says:

      Hey Erin! Thanks for the note; I know, we really should make a return trip when it is not right after a rain!! I hadn’t heard of El Rollo, but it sounds amusing as well…. Can’t go wrong with a wave pool every now & then. 😉

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