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If Judas Priest falls in a forest and no one hears them, do they still exist?

Tonight during my business trip to Guadalajara, I discovered that one of my coworkers has been hiding his knowledge of über-trendy spots in GDL (by instead allowing us to end up repeatedly at Karne Garibaldi which, while it has amazing food, is arguably less “trendy” and more “cafeteria-esque”).  So after a ~10 hour staff meeting today, we went to dinner at de Santos, a hip, fusion dining spot owned by the drummer of international rock band Maná. The other two sites are in Puerto Vallarta and of course, hub of all-things-trendy, New York City.

Anyway, we arrived at de Santos American-time, and by that I mean a minimum of 30 minutes before la gente bien (a.k.a. anyone who’s anyone) arrives. EXCEPT for one table of 6 guys about 10 feet away from us, who we instantly decided had to be a rock band. No one could say with certainty WHICH rock band, but with their long flowing hair, slightly gaunt British-y looks, and disinterest in talking to each other as though perhaps they’d had dinners in trendy restaurants together 6 times a week since 1969 & simply had nothing else to say, we knew something was up.

Thanks to judaspriest.com for sharing this intimidating photo

Thanks to judaspriest.com for sharing this intimidating photo

A inquiry to one of our servers eventually produced an answer to verify my friend Eduardo’s initial guess (slightly biased since he knew they were performing in GDL this week): Judas Priest— a name I certainly have heard, but from whom I certainly could not name one song. This brought about one highlight of the evening– our boss’s boss kindly e-stalking Judas Priest on his Blackberry upon our request, as we tried to determine whether any of us knew enough about the band to approach them for a photo. (Survey says: no.)

Potential introductory tactics bandied about included:

  • “35 million albums, huh? What a coincidence– that’s almost as many semiconductors as we sold last year!”
  • “It’s such an honor to finally meet the band who wrote the song I first danced with my husband to at our wedding– all of our guests loved Screaming for Vengeance.
  • “Wow, I’ve always wanted to meet Mick Jagger! That’s you, right?”
  • “This is so funny– we were just listening to your album Painkiller before our staff meeting this morning!”

In the end, none of us interacted with Judas Priest, outside of awkwardly staring at them with disappointment when they failed to meet stereotypes by NOT pounding through 3 bottles of vodka & a pile of meth and instead simply ate & drank bottles of water in near-silence. We attempted to make up for it by ordering fancy martinis, jovially discussing the impact the amero is sure to have on Mexico/US relations, and celebrating my friend Jorge’s 35 years with our company. (Top that, folks.)

In summary, both Judas Priest and I strongly recommend de Santos for tasty food, thirst-quenching beverages, good people-watching, and minimal papparazzi (a constant concern for us in the semiconductor industry). As for now, I am off to start memorizing one of the songs off their newest album for my next karaoke outing– nothing gets a crowd riled up like “Pestilence and Plague”.

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  1. Joy says:

    These are the experiences I miss out on while working at home.

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