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Posts from ‘November, 2008’

Turkey Day in Mexico City: Sunny & 75°F

To add to my list of “firsts” here in Mexico, I can now add “having Thanksgiving Dinner outdoors by a pool in 75-degree weather”.  This may not be novel to those of you in warmer climes, but for those of us whose past Thanksgiving celebrations have been limited almost exclusively to states north of the Mason-Dixon line, […]

Happy Birthday to Me

In lieu of the witty posting about some aspect of Mexican life that you were expecting to find here, I will instead take this opportunity to post a self-aggrandizing Happy Birthday to Me announcement for this Tuesday November 25th. I am excited as John is taking me to Pujol tonite, some trendy restaurant here in Polanco […]

Live caterpillars: Not my normal market purchase

The markets of Mexico provide for a veritable photographic wonderland, provided you are ballsy enough to break out your camera, blatantly take a photo of something, and run away without buying anything– all under the EXTREMELY watchful eye of the vendor of the object in question. Normally I am a bit shy when it comes to […]

Good Power Tools Know No Borders

As you walk amongst Mexico City’s innumerable markets/stores/carts/stalls/street vendors, one occasionally gets the slight, nagging impression that some of the products you are seeing are knock offs…  The source of many of these items is often a mystery. In my previous life (a.k.a. 6 months ago), one of the customers I worked with was Black & […]

Snacks of D.F.: Alegrías

One of the many hot sales items in the streets & the stalls of D.F. are these little numbers, which I understand may or may not be called alegrías. This word means ‘happiness’ in Spanish, which is essentially how you HAVE to feel when eating anything this brightly colored. The paper-thin disks are usually made from ground up […]

The witty statues of Chapultepec Castle

This weekend we visited the amazing Castillo de Chapultepec aka Chapultepec Castle in the massive park near our house. I will post more photos of this amazing structure at a later date when sleep is not as critical for me, but in the interim, I must share three statue photos that I took a shining […]

Election Night 2008: Expected Highs and Shocking Lows

Tonight John & I had the honor to witness one of the most hotly contested elections in our limited political lives, while attending the US Embassy Election Night Party in Mexico City.  Quite the interesting experience. The excitement surrounding the big Obama win was somewhat marred by the news early in the evening of a […]

Señor Oinks-a-lot

We went for a wander downtown a bit north of the Zocalo on Sunday as well, arguably into a not *quite* as touristy neighborhood (as one might have extrapolated from the pairs of cops standing at each intersection we walked through). But one bonus find on our excursion was the OTHER Lucha Libre venue, Arena […]

Taking the lizard out for a walk

No, that’s not some sort of inappropriate analogy (grow up, people). Apparently it is a popular activity here in Mexico City, as I observed when wandering around the Zocalo this past weekend to see the Dia de los Muertos displays.  The questions that immediately pop to mind when I see this are: What is the […]

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