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November 19th, 2008:

Good Power Tools Know No Borders

As you walk amongst Mexico City’s innumerable markets/stores/carts/stalls/street vendors, one occasionally gets the slight, nagging impression that some of the products you are seeing are knock offs…  :) The source of many of these items is often a mystery.

In my previous life (a.k.a. 6 months ago), one of the customers I worked with was Black & Decker/DeWalt, so this store immediately caught my eye:

We got yer high-powered tools right here!!

We got yer high-powered tools right here!!

As an optimist, I would like to think that a store selling knockoffs would not be careful/exacting enough to get all those B&D logos right. :) Hence, I can only assume that all products inside are real, official DeWalt / Black & Decker tools– ideally adorned with semiconductors from everyone’s favorite supplier, yours truly. Now we will just have to hope that these über-official stores dominate over folks like Makita & Bosch, which I am guessing–best case–are being sold by random street vendors along the Periferico during heavy traffic…
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