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Posts from ‘December, 2008’

Christmas Fun with Orphans

A quick guest-post by John.  If you follow Julie’s blog, you no doubt saw me featured as Uncle Sam for the Embassy’s election night party.  A total sucker, I was quickly convinced to dress up as Santa for the Ambassador’s annual orphan Christmas party.  About 150 kids from a number of orphanages attended, and it was really touching […]

Back to Nebraska for Christmas!!

This past Saturday, John & I were alternatingly excited to return to the States to visit our family, and depressed to be leaving 72F weather for impending snow & windchills of -30F below zero. After another magical sub-30 minute trip to the airport at 7:30AM, we confirmed that American Airlines is the least organized airline at […]

Mexico’s Monarch Migration: bazillions of butterflies

This weekend, John & I took advantage of the Friday I had off of work in honor of el Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe to drive to Michoacán to see the annual monarch butterfly migration! In a nutshell, millions of butterflies migrate from the US & Canada each year starting in November to spend […]

Our first MEXPAT Christmas Party

One of the organizations that I had sussed out prior to moving to Mexico is MEXPAT, an organization for expats living in Mexico. I like this group because their purpose is simple: to hold monthly social events for foreigners living in Mexico City/Guadalajara/Monterrey, usually at a trendy bar/restaurant and usually involving a fair amount of social lubricant […]

Alternative Energy?

I wonder if these colorful pinwheels serve solely as a fundraising attention-grabber, or if they also have secret powers of energy generation for the car that lies below them. Perhaps Mexico has some secret alternative energy R&D going on that we are not aware of…? I fear the donation-soliciting sign may impair the driver’s vision…

Pizza Hut México: Trailblazing paths to new levels of obesity

I walked to DHL in my neighborhood to mail something today, and on the way home decided to grab a quick personal pizza from Pizza Hut. Yes, it was against my better judgement, but I was in a hurry & we have virtually no food in our house. While waiting for my pizza, I was almost tempted […]

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