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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

Chiapas-style Car Wash

John made it down to Chiapas this past weekend (while I was stuck at class busy being a brilliant MBA student). A summary from him should be forthcoming, but in the interim, I was entertained by this photo of a car wash along the Usumacinta River along the border of México and Guatemala.  

Your own…personal…taxista…

I have a regular taxista who I call to get a ride home on days that I work out of the office. Her name is Guadalupe, and she is a lovely, middle-aged Mexican with a son who lives in Cancun. She became my go-to taxista after I broke up with my prior taxista, Carlos, when […]

Animal Highlights of México, Part 1

The plethora of unique animals here never fails to entertain me, so thought I’d share a few photo highlights of critters (or representations thereof) we’ve encountered over the last 7 months here in Mexico City and beyond!!

Dining in Condesa: know thy strengths

Today was John’s birthday, so I ambitiously decided to make chilaquiles, only the best Mexican breakfast food ever. It is basically crispy, fried pieces of corn tortillas doused in a tasty salsa verde (tomatillos, onion, garlic, cilantro, serrano peppers) & cooked briefly until the chips soften a bit. Mix in some shredded chicken, top with optional […]

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