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Posts from ‘March, 2009’

Mexico City Cantina Crawl Report

As a follow up to my previous post regarding the map of cantinas in the Centro Historico, I am delinquent on an report on our Cantina Crawl findings! Good times were had by all, and we managed to hit 4 cantinas prior to walking over to Plaza Garibaldi, hub of mariachi action. I wasn’t sure […]

The many, the not-so-proud: the Kickdogs of Polanco

My husband long ago added the term “kickdog” to our daily vocabulary to refer to any dog who might be more efficiently moved across a room by kicking it rather than waiting for its 400 mincing steps to get it there on its own. (For the record, I have never seen John kick a dog. […]

Avoid a Reverse Mullet in Mexico City

Reading my friend Lesley’s post today that mentioned a recent crap haircut reminded me to share a secret gem with any local ladies in my blog audience. After 2 years in DC, I finally found a hairstylist I was happy with who charged reasonable prices (~$40) AND understood the fine balance between cutting-vs.-talking (visit Bubbles Salon at the Pentagon […]

Animal Highlights of Mexico, Part 2

Despite the wealth of mercados here in México, our non-edible purchases thus far have been quite restrained (if I do say so myself). I continue reminding John how lucky he is to have a wife who is not obsessed with pottery / Dia de los Muertos figurines / vessels made out of copper / traditional […]

Makes a Nebraskan feel right at home…

My parents are visiting Mexico this week from Nebraska. To help them adjust, we found this slowly-moving cow herd on the road outside our B&B in Malinalco. Mexico can always be counted upon for the random herd of livestock to help make a Nebraska farm boy feel like he never left… I’m pretty sure rural […]

“Am I going to be a victim of violence in México?” Take this simple quiz to find out!

As most of my fellow Mexico blogs have addressed recently, the news coverage around security in Mexico has reached fever pitch in the last few months. A flurry of articles in the US press is sending everyone into a panic, which is only amplified by so-called experts busily spreading fear regardless of facts. Some people […]

Map of Cantinas in downtown Mexico City!

After a few “bottle service” episodes at the über-trendy clubs & lounges here in Mexico City, we have been itching to check out the more autentico cantinas in the Centro Historico. (For those not in the know, most of the glam spots here are big fans of the “buy a whole bottle of liquor” approach […]

Dinner at Izote!

Blog updates have a been a bit slow recently, due to a combination of a looming accounting exam this past Friday and visitors in town!  John’s mom and aunt, Penny and Chris, made the trek down to Mexico to escape the highly-unpleasant climes of most of the US during the month of February.  They seemed […]

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