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Map of Cantinas in downtown Mexico City!

After a few “bottle service” episodes at the über-trendy clubs & lounges here in Mexico City, we have been itching to check out the more autentico cantinas in the Centro Historico. (For those not in the know, most of the glam spots here are big fans of the “buy a whole bottle of liquor” approach to drinks, which then comes with various mixers like Coke, OJ, tonic, etc. and you/your waiter mixes your drinks at your table. I find it expensive/slightly pretentious but I suppose arguably more cost-effective if you’re out with a large group.)

Anyway, we are making a trek to the cantinas of the Centro Historico of D.F. this Saturday night. More details to follow… if I have the guts to break out a camera in any of these places…  Since I’m not making any guarantees, I thought I’d at least share the Streets & Trips map assembled by John and I after an evening of online/guidebook research!  Hope this is of use to anyone else looking to make a similar exploratory voyage to the cantinas of Mexico City!! (click on the map to enlarge for a printable version)

Mexico City's Centro Historico marked with all the hot cantina options!

Mexico City's Centro Historico marked with all the hot cantina options!

For the less-bold, the Secretary of Culture here actually hosts a 2-hour cantina tour (paseos de cantinas) on Thursday nights at 8PM for $100 pesos, as blog Wagamama Wonderings tipped me off to. I dropped them an email a while back to confirm details (at paseosculturalesdf@yahoo.com.mx) and was told the $100 pesos includes a glass of wine as well as a narrated history of pulque, wine, and other booze. The tours leave from near the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Wish us luck!!

***UPDATE***: View commentary/photos from the Cantina Crawl here: http://www.midwesternerinmexico.com/2009/03/31/mexico-city-cantina-crawl-report/.  Also note that El Nivel is now closed, and we were unable to find an open entrance for La Terraza del Zocalo post-10PM. Gallo de Oro was either closed that night or shut down, but there is another bar on its street quite nearby. Also, La Faena seemed popular but had a cover charge so we skipped it on principle. Finally, I neglected to mark La Opera, which still has bullet holes in the ceiling from Pancho Villa. It is located on Av. Cinco de Mayo #10 between Lazaro Cardenas & Simon Bolivar.

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  1. alice says:

    Readin’ thru my blogroll–yours being one–and there I am. Glad we connected. Lemme know how the pub crawl goes…sounds fun! And the map is freakin’ awesome.

  2. Jose says:

    You may like this application for your wanderings:)

  3. heather says:

    love the map. do you recommend any in particular after your cantina crawl? i’m on my way to the DF for vacation, and always like to have a little guidance based on the experience of someone who doesn’t write for the lonely planet.

    (great blog in general, by the way. i stumbled on it this morning looking for tourist info about lucha libre and got totally sucked in.)

  4. Gary says:

    so?…… how did it go? this is in need of a follow up :)
    going to mexico DF this august ,and i am enjoying your blog a whole lot!!

  5. Julie says:

    Gary– yes, I am totally delinquent in posting my post-crawl update. :) MBA homework has been beckoning, but after my classes this weekend, expect some photos from the festivities!! Glad to hear you’re making the trip down!

  6. hugo says:

    great cantina on Regina 18!!!!!

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