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Avoid a Reverse Mullet in Mexico City

Reading my friend Lesley’s post today that mentioned a recent crap haircut reminded me to share a secret gem with any local ladies in my blog audience. After 2 years in DC, I finally found a hairstylist I was happy with who charged reasonable prices (~$40) AND understood the fine balance between cutting-vs.-talking (visit Bubbles Salon at the Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, VA and ask for Tsigie–703.415.2040). 

You can imagine the tension, then, when I was forced to start anew here in Mexico after my hair reached a shaggy, straw-like consistency. I carefully (ha) selected the first hair salon I saw within walking distance, and prepped my piece of scrap paper with key Spanish hair-cutting vocabulary. The salon owner spoke English (¡Que suerte! I thought at the time), so we confirmed that yes, I was asking for what I thought (a simple haircut).

I started to get nervous when he broke out the razor on the back of my *shoulder-length* hair… My suspicions were confirmed upon returning to our apartment building, where another prior salon visitor saw my new do and piped up, “Oh! You got the reverse mullet from La Luna too!”   Yes indeedy: party in the front, an awkward 2 inches missing in the back.

Due to apparent lack of creativity, I returned to the same salon for my 2nd haircut, but had the wherewithal to request a different stylist. This time, my haircut took a concerning ~10 minutes and was executed in much the way I might have trimmed a Barbie doll’s hair as a child. The stylist also had not quite mastered the art of flattery, asking both if I was interested in getting highlights (I’ve never dyed my hair) and if I was interested in threading (a method of eyebrow hair removal). Erm, no, thanks; I’ll just go home and self-consciously spend 10 minutes in front of the mirror with a tweezers.

When my friend Joy passed along a business card to me for “An American Hairdresser in Mexico”, I was initially skeptical. “I don’t need a special American hairdresser,” I briefly thought to myself. Then I looked in the mirror at my Barbie/mullet mix. Oh, wait. Yes, yes I do.

It is with the hope of preventing another sketchy haircut that I pass along to you the name of Ronit, a lovely woman based in Polanco who is originally from the DC/Maryland area. She works out of her apartment on Lamartine and can be reached at 55.5250.2021 or ronitsabban [at] yahoo.com. It’s been a few weeks so I don’t precisely recall the price, but I know she offers a discount for your first visit & it was definitely <$600 pesos. She even has a monthly e-newsletter with hot discounts! Tell her Julie sent you & maybe she will offer you some magical pirouette chocolatey-wafery snacks. It was all I could do not to impolitely scarf down the whole can.

Best of luck, and may the reverse mullet not be with you.

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  1. Joy says:

    Like I said, your doctor and your hairstylist — both should be Americans, or at least deeply familiar with their neuroses.

  2. Julie says:

    Indeed; you are wise beyond your years. 😉 Now I just need to suss out a dentist here…

  3. craodc46 says:

    No pictures??? No fair to tease us with such a post and leave us to imagine travesty! Though surely you exaggerate…
    Hope you’re both well. Will you be visiting home anytime soon? Auntie C :)

  4. Julie says:

    Haha, let the record show I did peruse my photos to try & find an image of the reverse mullet, but it looks like I did a good job of avoiding having it photographed… We have no imminent plans but hope to get back sometime this summer-ish; will keep you posted!!

  5. Refried Dreamer says:

    thats awesome. haha… i still havent found one in guadalajara. any reccomendations on where to look?

  6. Alice says:

    By the time I left my first visit to the salon, I was offered a manicure, pedicure, and facial. They throw the cape on you and suddenly you become salon fodder. I, too, armed myself with some hair vocab but failed to write down how to say, “Get the hell out of my face-that-you-think-needs-a-facial.”

  7. Lori says:


  8. sheryl says:

    i have a facebook group called… Fans Against the Reverse Mullet (the rullet)

    come join us!

  9. Madeline says:

    Hi Julie
    After moving to Polanco recently am actually looking for a hairdresser but have also had some bad hair experiences here in Mex city. My spanish is awful so my question is have you stuck with Ronit? do you like her cutting style? Or perhaps you have a new suggestion?
    THanks heaps!

    1. Julie says:

      Hey Madeline! Thanks for the note. Yes, I have actually stuck w/Ronit! I’ve probably gotten 6-7 haircuts from her by now? Not sure on the exact number. But yes, I’ve been happy with her style. I like her because she has ideas if you don’t have any idea what you want (as I often don’t) but will also do what you want if you ask for something specific. I would recommend giving her a shot! I don’t get my hair colored but she is good with color if you are looking for highlights/color/etc. as well. Best of luck!!

  10. Madeline says:

    thanks so much! great to get a tip from someone… !! :)

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