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Posts from ‘April, 2009’

Pig Flu Mexico City Day 6: in which we decide to eat lots of Bacon

As we close out Day 6 of Mexican Swine Flu Mania, it appears this virus has no intent of leaving the country quietly. A smattering of recent developments for anyone living under a rock: The World Health Organization has raised the pandemic alert level to phase 5 on a scale of 6, meaning there is “sustained […]

Crazy Pig Flu vs. Mexico City: Day 4

As we wrap up Day 4 of Crazy Pig Flu vs. Mexico City and beyond, all is still well here on the Southern front. I have essentially not left our apartment building since Friday night, not so much out of fear as a lack of anywhere to go. As per all of the news, much […]

Luchadores in the Fight Against Swine Flu

This photo of up-and-coming luchador El Matador protecting two of his young, swine-flu-avoiding fans made my day today. Join El Matador’s fan club on Facebook to be kept in the loop on all his crazy shenanigans!! Now that I may have more free time thanks to finally FINISHING MY 2nd TERM MBA FINALS today, also […]

If the druglords don’t get ya, the flu might…

In late-breaking news from here at my dining-room table Financial Accounting 12:30AM study session, there is a chance my final exam scheduled for today (Friday) may be cancelled due to a flu outbreak in Mexico City & surrounding areas. El Universal just reported that the Secretaries of Health & Public Education have decided to cancel […]


So we saw him!! Eeeee! Know that I sacrificed the chance for a handshake in favor of “The President is only 4 feet away!!!” photo attempts, realizing that the memory of a handshake would be less effectively conveyed via a blog. 😉  John almost managed to get a hand in, but was foiled at the […]

Membership has its privileges…

…and finally tomorrow, I will get to experience one of those priviledges. Membership in what, you may ask? In the Spouses of US Embassy Employees club. Mind you, this is not an official club. Or really even an unofficial club. If it were, I would envision its membership requirements being something like: an inability to […]

Malinalco with the visiting Nebraskans

My parents from Nebraska came for a visit last month, so we decided to show them some of rural Mexico in addition to the Big Taco, D.F.  We spent a couple nights in Malinalco, located roughly 40 miles south-ish of Toluca or 60 miles (but ~2 hours) from Polanco in Mexico City. Malinalco is a […]

Commuting to work in the Centro

Just your average commute to work here in downtown Mexico City… What, did you think Spiderman would take a taxi?

Picturesque Palenque

A few weeks ago while Julie was stuck in class a few friends and I whisked off to spend a long weekend in Chiapas, where we visited the archelogical sites of Palenque, Yaxichilan, and Bonampak – a perfect three-day weekend.  We flew into Villahermosa (in the state of Tabasco) late afternoon on Friday, grabbed a rental […]

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