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If the druglords don’t get ya, the flu might…

In late-breaking news from here at my dining-room table Financial Accounting 12:30AM study session, there is a chance my final exam scheduled for today (Friday) may be cancelled due to a flu outbreak in Mexico City & surrounding areas. El Universal just reported that the Secretaries of Health & Public Education have decided to cancel all classes from preschool through university in order to control a possible flu epidemic. WTF???

There has been a flurry of instant messenging/facebook activity among my colleagues as we try to determine whether avoiding a suspicious respiratory infection is sufficient grounds for postponing our exam & being forced to think about accounting for even ONE MORE DAY. My vote (thanks to my mother’s insistence on me getting a flu shot this year) is a strong NO: FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!!

Other news sources ponder whether this may be related to a crazy new swine flu recently diagnosed in the States in TX & CA. Inconceivable!!! How could my good friend bacon turn on us like that???

Anyway, more news to follow shortly from the apparently cursed land of Mexico. Any chance of us convincing all those druglords that there is a “drop” going down this weekend at an infected pig farm? Is that actually a word druglords use to describe a drug deal or have I just been watching too much NYPD Blue from the 90’s?


Well sure enough, all the university campuses were on lock down today & for the remainder of the weekend. Since we could not go to campus to take our test, our accounting individual & team final exams turned into take-home, open-book, open-note exams (which I must admit was a pleasant surprise). It was all the more amusing as I had written to the professor earlier in the week asking if there was a chance that we might be able to use 1 page of notes during the exam, and he denied me. So, I felt obligated to send him another email today clarifying that although I did want to use notes and my husband does work for the all-powerful US Embassy, I did not incite an outbreak of influenza in Mexico City solely to get some help with accounting. 😉

As proof of how seriously us MBA students were taking the flu threat, here is a pic from the arrival of classmate Walter to the portion of our team exam:

Walter was taking no risks with the rampant flu epidemic in Mexico, and was similarly well-prepared with his accounting textbook at the ready...

Walter was taking no risks with the rampant flu epidemic in Mexico, and was similarly well-prepared with his accounting textbook at the ready...

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  1. Joy says:

    Just when I think the city can’t feel more apocalyptic.

  2. Lori says:


  3. Joy says:

    I adore the new banner head with the flowers. Precious!!!!

    (Btw, you’re my top referrer today. Weird!)

  4. Great info! We’re watching the flu news everyday…..

    Reverend Tex B. Acon
    WWBD – What Would Bacon Do?

  5. mook says:

    i hope i dont get it thank the lord.

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