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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Important world news from Mexico City’s finest, Publimetro

A new interruption from my wedding-reminiscing… I came across this pressing news article from Mexico City’s esteemed (??) free daily newspaper, Publimetro, on Friday. It was excellent fodder for a wee chat with my taxi driver as we sat in standstill traffic due to the stupid route he chose. He simply could not believe that they […]

Our Wedding Mascots: Furry Coos

Packing for exciting trip to Huatulco tomorrow has taken precendence over a lengthy, super-riveting post about the day before our wedding last year in Glasgow. So as an interim step, please see below some pics of my favorite animal in Scotland, the furry coo. (perhaps more officially known as “Highland Cattle“) FYI, it is only […]

Flashback to Wedding Week in Scotland, Part 2

We tried to reenact the scene from Titanic as the boat pulled out of the harbor on Loch Lomond… Let us continue on our Mexico detour begun yesterday with our ambitious bus trip into the Scottish countryside! As part of of dragging our family & friends over to Glasgow for our wedding, we wanted to make sure […]

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

…to bring you a flashback to one year ago today in Scotland! I realized that I never really shared many of the pics from our wedding in Glasgow or the pre-wedding-week activities, so I thought we’d take a quick departure from Mexico across the pond over to Scotland! First, the precursors: John’s Bachelor Party in Washington DC, […]

El Chopo: Mexico City’s goth/metal/ska/punk mercado!

Last week my boss tipped me off to TWO new Mexico City markets with which I was previously unfamiliar: Tianguis Cultural del Chopo, a Saturday-only market dedicated towards all things rock/alternative/punk/ska/goth/weed/hippie Centro Artesanal Buenavista, “La Tienda Mas Grande del Pais con 100,000 articulos finos en 24,000 mts2″ (The largest store in the country with 100,000 fine […]

Is “Mickey Burger” the correct Spanish translation?

In my continued fascination with the wares of Mexican grocery stores, we came across this gem yesterday at Superama: How quickly Mickey has apparently forgotten his long-time friend, Clarabelle Cow. I was also struck by the elegant array of seafood on display, namely the purply octopuses. I like most seafood, but I will admit I’m […]

I may have descended from statues

Since I am too lazy tonight to summarize our full San Miguel de Allende & Guanajuato trip AND because I feel we have moved beyond the need for regular swine flu updates, I will instead share with you one of the more horrifying pictures we took during our weekend away. Please find below a photo taken in […]

Chinese Government: Not a fan of Mexicans nor swine flu

Day 12 of Swine Flu not-quite-as-much Frenzy. John & I returned this afternoon from a fantastic get-away from the hub of the furor, with 2 nights in San Miguel de Allende and 2 more in Guanajuato. (Check out the article I wrote for Inside Mexico regarding our escape here!)  Expect a run-down on our trip […]

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