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Important world news from Mexico City’s finest, Publimetro

A new interruption from my wedding-reminiscing… I came across this pressing news article from Mexico City’s esteemed (??) free daily newspaper, Publimetro, on Friday. It was excellent fodder for a wee chat with my taxi driver as we sat in standstill traffic due to the stupid route he chose. He simply could not believe that they were making bras just for men in Japan, because there are so many bras already out there and so many pretty women to wear them.

Hey people, a free 32-page daily newspaper is not going to fill ITSELF with relevant articles...

Hey people, a free 32-page daily newspaper is not going to fill ITSELF with relevant articles...

For any non-Spanish-readers, my loose translation summary is basically: “Bras for men, a success”. Some Japanese company called WishRoom is selling 1,000 man-bras (bro? manssiere, fellow Seinfeld fans?) a month. To be clear, these aren’t bras for, ahem, larger men. Rather, these bras are apparently most popular with the 30-40-year-old executives subset, who like to wear them under their suits because the bras help them feel secure & relaxed. The man-bras cost about $30 USD and all come in cup size A. Apparently they have been flying off the shelves.  Check out the website for brilliant advertising that includes a hot shirtless man who I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be caught dead in a manssiere, simply photoshopped behind various images of manssieres.

The other best part about this screen shot from Publimetro’s online version of the paper is the article in the upper left-hand corner entitled “Girl with Three Legs Born in Peru”. This is followed by the lower left-hand corner scoop of “Cambodian bids with fake money in protest” about a man who tried to buy Pol Pot’s sandals with $790k in counterfeit bills in protest against the Khmer Rouge regime.

Never a slow news day for the Publimetro, folks.
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