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This 4th of July announcement sponsored by Mexico’s Communist Party

Happy 4th of July to all those Americans who, like us, are beyond the borders this year & therefore forced to celebrate US independence in a fireworks-free zone. We *narrowly* escaped having to celebrate in an alcohol-free zone as well, due to the tomorrow’s mid-term elections here in Mexico. As explained on Burro Hall, Mexico institutes a period of reflection in the final days prior to the election, wherein the frenzied campaigning/parades/shouting madness ceases, in concept. The apex of this strategy is the cessation of all liquor sales 24 hours before elections here in Oaxaca City. (This law technically applies throughout Mexico & apparently dates back to the Mexican Revolution…)

Needless to say, this put a bit of a damper on our glam Saturday-night-out plans for our last night in Oaxaca. Thank goodness we never make a roadtrip in Mexico without an emergency bottle of wine on board, so we are currently having a vino tinto-fueled blogging session in our hotel room & trying to find something on TV besides Paris Hilton’s “My New BFF” reality show.

In keeping with today’s Independence Day/elections/political theme, I wanted to make John’s career with the State Department more challenging with a pic hot off the presses. Oaxaca’s Zocalo has been a madhouse of tents/political signage/revolutionary-types, which I am unclear is just standard operating procedure for Oaxaca or unique to the election timeframe… Regardless, Mexico’s über-left-leaning Frente Popular Revolucionario was having a tough time getting much foot-traffic at its stand today, so John tried to chip in & get out the vote. Please see him below campaigning vigorously below the FPR’s subtle banner, while being shunned by all who passed by…

I always say, nothing like some good hammer-and-sickle imagery to get me geared up for an election!!

I always say, nothing like some good hammer-and-sickle imagery to get me geared up for an election!!

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  1. American Mommy in Mexico says:

    The no alcohol thing was new to us. Just another Mexico learning …

  2. I experienced it as well. I went to the Commercial Mexicana and saw that they had everything taped off, how strange I thought…but ‘when in Mexico’. For my 4th here in Atizapan, I flew both my US Flag (which also was flown in Iraq at Al Asad) and my NC flag…which drew looks from neighbors bordering on confusion and anger all at once. We didn’t have any firework here, but I went to the Basilica and lit candles instead. It was good fun, plus…if you like religious iconography, you can’t beat it. Rosario’s red line will take you there…La Villas/Basilica.


  3. I love reading about your experiences, Michael! This post was a good read!

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