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Posts from ‘October, 2009’

Best kid-friendly Halloween decor

My mom is down for a visit this week, so I was excited that she would be able to see some of the Dia de los Muertos action here in Mexico. We had a successful trip down to Coyoacan today in search of ofrendas (pics to come!), but I first wanted to quickly share this gem of […]

Missed business opportunities…

While in Madrid, I discovered that the niche tall-people shop I was planning to open in Mexico City already exists.  I wonder if the Spanish folks behind the tall clothing at Masaltos.com (roughly translated: Taller.com) have considered getting into the business of larger showers that you can actually move in.  Back to the new business idea drawing […]

Breaking my radio silence after a trip to Europe!

Crap! I think this is a new land-speed-record for Length of Time I’ve Gone Without a Riveting Blog Post! I am sure many of you have been sobbing into your chilaquiles as you have rigorously checked this page each morning only to be rewarded with OLD POSTS YOU’VE ALREADY READ (or didn’t care about in the […]

The celebratory Perro de Gelatina of the GRE…

The last week has a been a festival of algebra & geometry action for my dear husband John, who’s been studying up a storm in preparation for the GRE exam. For anyone unfamiliar, the GRE is a ~2.5 hour exam whose successful completion is a requirement for most graduate schools in the US. (This with the […]

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