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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

¡Feliz Navidad!

Well kids, we decided to forego the trip home to the Midwest this Christmas. This is now seeming quite fortuitous, given the crazy snowstorms that have been popping up all over the States this week & last. Nebraska is apparently scheduled to get heavy snow for the next 3 days, which you can view live […]

A tasty Christmas-y appetizer…

First off, a caveat: this is not a remotely Mexican recipe.  But it does fit the bill for blog-inclusion by being Midwestern. And more importantly, it is a gooooood recipe, probably because it is endowed with the hallmarks of Midwestern cooking: dairy, dairy, and more dairy, with the occasional smattering of vegetables well-disguised by cheese. The illustrious Pizza Dip has […]

Musical guilty pleasures

Much like in the US, if you go out to enough bars/clubs/restaurant or listen to enough radio in Mexico City, you will hear the same popular songs 8 million times. Some you will come to loathe & each encounter will feel like a thousand music notes stabbing your eardrum. Perhaps one or two will be a […]

Tunnel art in DF: does it soothe or scare?

We went to Mercado Ciudadela yesterday evening to do a bit of Christmas shopping (FYI, it seems to closes by about 7PM). Good spot for both locals or tourists wishing to find a solid selection of Mexican handicrafts at reasonable prices (and for any visitors lacking in Spanish, several vendors speak enough English to answer questions you may […]

Run, don’t walk, to Galerias El Triunfo for all your Christmas shopping needs…

Last Sunday, we drove down to Coyoacan to check out the Terra Madre Day event being coordinated by the Slow Food folks in Mexico City. (See Lesley’s post for pics of the tasty food to be sampled!) On our way back, I insisted we stop at a crazy store that we passed en route, Galerias […]

Surprising that I’ve not spotted these decorative cow heads around Nebraska…

Stuffed animals seem to be über-popular in Mexico, or at least you’d guess that based on their prevalence at markets/stores nationwide. To be clear, by “stuffed”, I do not mean fuzzy-wuzzy little teddy bears. Rather, I mean no-shit, taxidermied, formerly-alive-but-now-marble-eyed ANIMALS. I have seen a fair number of fake replicas as well, but even those (i.e. […]

Mercados can wear you out…

After a weekend of MBA classes, I needed to get out of the house yesterday afternoon before resuming panicked studying for finals coming up Dec 11-12. John, Susan, and I first stopped by a market in Roma where female Mexican artists were selling their wares. Christmas decor is out in full force, as shown to […]

Cars to Avoid in Mexico

Acquiring a driver’s license in Mexico City can be done with a concerning level of ease. You just bring your passport & your visa (showing you’re in the country legally) to the Secretaria de Transportes y Vialidad, and after an hour- you are good to go! No written exams, no driving test, no nothing. This […]

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