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¡Feliz Navidad!

Well kids, we decided to forego the trip home to the Midwest this Christmas. This is now seeming quite fortuitous, given the crazy snowstorms that have been popping up all over the States this week & last. Nebraska is apparently scheduled to get heavy snow for the next 3 days, which you can view live here!

Instead, we are making 2009 our first (and probably only) BEACH CHRISTMAS!!! We will be wheels up at 4:45 this afternoon from the Mexico City airport, off to Puerto Vallarta. Since we arrive too late to jump on the water taxi, we will wait until tomorrow morning to make the 45-min boat trip to Yelapa! This sleepy beach village just got electricity in 2001, but nonetheless has claims to fame of past visits by Bob Dylan, Liz Taylor, and the like.

We made our plans a bit last-minute, and after sussing out that there were roughly 5 places with available lodging in either Sayulita or Yelapa, randomly selected Casa Bahia Bonita in Yelapa. So we’ll find out what it’s like mañana!!

Not sure what the internet situation is in Yelapa, but if we can access the innerwebs, we’ll be sure to post some jealousy-inducing pictures for y’all who are getting blanketed by freezing rain & several inches of snow! Have a very Merry Christmas wherever you are this week!! We will be missing all our friends and family (but trying vigorously to drown out the sorrow while sitting on the sand with micheladas). Expect a Yelapa report shortly. 😉

Much love & happy holidays, Julie & John

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  1. Marcie says:

    As one of the snow covered Nebraskans, I eagerly await these jealousy-inducing beach pictures while my parents furrow their brows at any suggestion of me leaving the house for any reason.

  2. Carolina says:

    Que tengas una hermosa “Sandy Christmas”!! Wish you the best for you and John for next year!!

  3. enjoy the playa! Feliz Navidad!

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