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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

Las Jirafas y la Mula in Santa Maria la Ribera

Back in December, John, friend Susan & I went on a long overdue visit to one of Mexico City’s up-and-coming neighborhoods, Santa Maria la Ribera. (Read as: no Starbucks yet) For additional colonia commentary, check out SMlR resident Jesus Chairez’s blog, or Lesley’s post re. her visit.  There are several cute little spots, like the […]

Cat Whistle satisfies all gift-giving needs

There is a dude I’ve encountered at a couple markets in Mexico City who walks around holding a big, black plastic garbage bag. You can hear him coming from a couple aisles away, because it sounds like he is accompanied by a very angry cat. The first time you come upon him, you are a […]

Ok, so maybe I won’t park my car here

As seen in a parking lot in Patzcuaro, Mexico: Fair enough on the robbery front; that’s par for the course in most parking lots. But the fire part? Uh, has that happened here before? Or happened often? I guess what I’m asking is: what are the odds of my car being burned down if I […]

Newsflash: free water at restaurant in Polanco!

Living in the fancy-pants neighborhood of Polanco in Mexico City, we see loads of overpriced, trendy restaurants where the food tends to be sub-par. There are a few diamonds in the rough, but it is rare you can escape lunch (much less dinner) with a bill of <$200 pesos at any of the see-and-be-seen joints. These are […]

The Spanish Wingman

Of all the unique things experienced by visitors to Mexico City, I’ve found that our US-based guests are most surprised that English is not spoken more prevalently here. I think there’s a general assumption among Americans that everyone in Mexico is dying to move to the USA and hence is furiously learning English. Point of […]

The Mexican winter of 2010

Our friends & family up north (like my parents currently experiencing -29F/-34C windchills in Grand Island, Nebraska) are sure to appreciate the latest weather developments from Mexico City. I was slightly amused tonight (Thursday) reading tense articles on www.reforma.com about the impending weather doom expected to hit the city ASAP. Apparently Mexico City is expecting RECORD […]

The best tacos come from the back of a van

The two friends visiting us this week are your classic “work hard, play hard” types. Since there is no work for them to do here, the focus has been largely on playing. In Mexico, “playing” loosely translates “tequila, cerveza, and more tequila”. As you can see, this team was well prepared to handle its tequila: […]

A taste of Yelapa…

Apologies for the delinquency in beach photo uploads!! We have a couple friends visiting this week, so we have been busy with a flurry of taco-eating, pyramid-visiting, tequila-drinking, lucha-watching, bullfight-attending, etc. For an added bonus, one of the visitors (college friend James) is taller than us, which has provided an exciting chance for me to […]

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