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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

The latest trends in Lucha Libre souvenirs

As I have mentioned before, John & I are lucky to have the “inside track” on all-things-lucha here in Mexico due to a) a friend who has been training to be a luchador + b) another friend who is a lucha superfan. So while some of you may be familiar with lucha libre souvenirs for […]

Two different approaches to Mexican tourism: Queretaro vs. Hidalgo

I constantly rave about Queretaro State’s Secretaria de Turismo (tourism board). They really have their stuff together, with amazing maps, good websites, great brochures, all of which serve to seduce people to a Mexican state that (to be honest) I initially thought didn’t really have that much going for it. (I have since reconsidered this […]

Tasty Capsu

Sometimes one comes across something in Spanish that makes me feel better about my language abilities, because it reminds me that on occasion, Mexicans have trouble with Spanish too. And maybe also trouble with colors. Reference the below photo snapped by one of my eagle-eyed MBA classmates this weekend, as seen on the table of […]

A Las Pozas preview…

If these images don’t at least pique your interest regarding a trip to Las Pozas in middle-of-nowhere, Mexico (a.k.a. Xilitla in southern San Luis Potosi state), then I don’t know what will.   More details to follow of our amazing weekend trip, a mere 7 hours north of Mexico City!!

Sluggy McSluggerson recounts some Mexico Highlights!

Ok, so I’ve been a slug. Every now and then, I like to do a blog post outlining all the riveting topics I’ve been meaning to write about, promise you that I will actually write about them, and then never execute on this.  Which sucks, because we have been some really amazing places in Mexico […]

Flores de Calabaza (aka Squash Blossoms)

On almost every trip to the mercados or grocery stores here in Mexico, I find myself admiring the flores de calabaza, a.k.a. squash blossoms. Not being a fan of actual squash, I consider these guys by far the best thing to emerge from the squash family: I never got around to actually buying them due […]

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