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The latest trends in Lucha Libre souvenirs

As I have mentioned before, John & I are lucky to have the “inside track” on all-things-lucha here in Mexico due to a) a friend who has been training to be a luchador + b) another friend who is a lucha superfan. So while some of you may be familiar with lucha libre souvenirs for commoners, let me share with you a few of the lesser-known gems… We’ll start with items for “ambitious commoners” and work our way up to “wow, that’s hard core”.


Lucha mask keychains are a good low-key way to show you are a fan. (no pun intended) I purchased one of these for my mom, to help her seem "hip" when substitute teaching for junior/senior high classes in our hometown of Grand Island, Nebraska.


I've highlighted this "Lucha vs. Ninjas" t-shirt before; it was actually a gift to me from friend Kim, who purchased it off of best t-shirt website ever, Threadless. Distinctive in Mexico, since you'll have a lucha-oriented shirt that NO ONE else has (once I leave).

Hipster lucha T-shirts purchased in DF outside Arena Mexico. John is sporting one featuring Mil Masacaras (1,000 masks), a luchador with allegedly 1,000 different masks.


Thumb wrestling lucha masks: these take your thumb wars to a whole new level, and keep things sanitary as you go. (secret confession: purchased in Nebraska)


Blue Demon is one of the most familiar faces in lucha libre, so it should be no surprise to see how much schlock is available with his mask slapped on it. These souvenirs say "I follow the crowd" or "I like blue & silver".


This hat reminds me of those kinds of butterflies/moths who have big eye-looking spots on the backs of their wings to scare off predators. If you are lucky, this hat will acheive the same effect when worn backwards.

Ok, now we’re getting into the more serious fan zone. Prepare yourself.


Tony is the artist who "live draws" (kind of like live-blogging, yes?) these pieces during the lucha matches at Arena Mexico. Purchasing one of these definitely shows commitment.


Superfan Alan purchased this lucha libre chess set, one piece of which is shown here. Photo courtesy artist's website.

For more detail on the lucha chess set, visit VIVE LUCHA LIBRE’s website here.   Also, check out all his other products (i.e. silver luchador jewelry, etc.) here.


Step 1: design your own mask. Think of cool name that isn't already taken. El Matador it is!!

Step 2: Design entire costume. Have manufactured by the talented folks at www.mtzwear.com, whose store is located just across from Arena Mexico on Avenida Dr. Rio de la Loza #229.

You can purchase existing luchador costumes at MTZWear as well, custom fitted just for you!

Step 3: Commission the design of El Matador, action figure. Arms & legs move realistically!

Step 4: Purchase display mount for mask when not in use. Commission design of pliable action figure!

Step 5: Commission painting incorporating El Matador into a spoof on hilarious old Lucifer Tequila ad campaign. (You start off as a tough guy, but by the end of the nite...) Note quote at bottom "With Lucifer appears your other self. Drink to resist reality". Love it.

Step 6: Purchase "portrait" of El Matador & display on wall with him being admired by Blue Demon & Santo portraits.

Step 7: Purchase portraits of all the cool luchadores (or at least, all the cool ones who wear masks). Purchase so many that the artist can't even keep up with frames for you! These will look pretty sweet all on a big wall.

Here's a close-up of some of the yet-to-be-framed dudes. Love the glittery paint!

So readers, what am I missing?? You folks got any lucha gear that can top what I’ve seen so far? :)

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  1. Anne Damon says:

    Love this post! Just returned from Mexico City and found a folk artist by the name of Oscar Becerra o Becerro in San Angel. He does wonderful things with lucha figures. Some of his stuff is featured at the Museo de Arte Popular on Independencia. Thanks for the wonderful observations–from a fellow Midwesterner. Saludos!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Definitely a fan of Lucha swag, and of the wrestling itself. Which is funny, since I tend to hate American WWF…

    Pic I took in Playa Del Carmen that I was reminded of when I read this:

    And…this was yet another VERY entertaining read. You have quite the talent!

  3. aj says:

    amazing! where can i find those little lucha heads at the end of the post ?

    1. Julie says:

      Hey AJ! Our friend has been buying them from one of the vendors outside Arena Mexico here in Mexico City. Go any Tuesday or Friday nite & all the vendors should be out in full force!

  4. Jesse Acosta says:

    I’m insanely jealous of all that Blue Demon memorabilia. Being stuck in the Pacific Northwest of the US kind of keeps me very far from collecting my favorite luchador’s souvenirs!

    I’m hoping your lucha super-fan friend has introduced you to the insane luchalibre/horror movies starring Santo and friends.

  5. Jason says:

    great site! any online sources for some of that great lucha stuff? looking more for folk art than masks and gear.

    Viva la Lucha!

  6. Jamillah Schmidt says:

    Julie are the MTzwear.com open on weekdays or weekends.

    1. Julie says:

      Hey Jamillah! I think they are open weekdays and maybe Saturday, but I would call before you trek over there just to make sure. :)

  7. Biff Zongo says:

    Love the article! And thanks for the links to other Lucha libre swag!! đŸ˜€

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