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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

Tecali de Herrera- Mexico’s hub of all things onyx

We took a day trip on Saturday to Tecali de Herrera, which I understand to be the hub of onyx (and marble) production in Mexico (or at least one of them). Tecali de Herrera is located about 47 km southeast of Puebla in Puebla state, and it took us a little over 2 hours to […]

The true dangers of Mexico City

I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumors– “it’s too scary to go to Mexico City; there are dangers lurking around every corner; blah, blah, blah.” Well, I suppose it’s time we confess the truth. We had a narrow escape this past weekend here in Mexico City. John totally almost got eaten by an oversized chameleon. Luckily […]

Differentiating yourself via Mexican-themed packaging

Guess which present at the baby shower was from me? It’s not the prettiest, people, but it did get a laugh. As I wrote to Tricia on the card, what says “new baby boy in Mexico” more than a box decorated like a lucha mask? Alternatively one might say, “When has one carried a novelty […]

Electrical Engineering at its finest…

As seen at Ciudadela in Mexico City this past weekend. We spent a good 5 minutes trying to guess the functionality of this thing before friend Greg gained the courage to inquire directly. It was at a jewelry booth, so I was voting for some kind of ionizing jewelry cleaner (no idea what that even […]

Taxi Chats about mickeyteesone

(Imagine below conversation in Spanish) Me: We’re going to this address, which is located just off street x which is near street y. Perhaps we can take street z? Also, I have a map if you want to see it?  [I offer, trying to avoid replica of prior experience of driving around indefinitely & asking […]

Las Pozas: a Jungly Wonderland in Xilitla, Mexico

Ever since we arrived in Mexico, I’ve heard rumblings about Las Pozas. General commentary included things like “crazy place in the jungle”, “this English guy Edward James’s surrealistic garden”, “wild concrete structures”, and perhaps the most intimidating, “8 hours away on windy mountain roads”. With most weekends booked up between MBA class & visitors, it […]

Call for Earth Day vendors in Mexico City

I want to take advantage of the ol’ blog today to send out a request on behalf of the US Embassy in Mexico City. The US Embassy is celebrating Earth Day by holding a green bazaar on April 22 in the Embassy compound.  They are looking for vendors (food, jewelry, clothing, anything!) who are green […]

Mexican Weather Barometer

As seen in the courtyard of the Museo del Queso y Vino (Museum of Cheese and Wine) in Tequisquiapan: I have got to find myself one of these. In case it’s not very clear from the pic, the “measurement” part of this barometer is the cow’s tail, which is a piece of rope. The translation: […]

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