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Electrical Engineering at its finest…

As seen at Ciudadela in Mexico City this past weekend. We spent a good 5 minutes trying to guess the functionality of this thing before friend Greg gained the courage to inquire directly.

Plastic + water + electricity = what could go wrong???

It was at a jewelry booth, so I was voting for some kind of ionizing jewelry cleaner (no idea what that even means). As it turned out, it was a simple homemade hot water heater, as confirmed by the large heating element we saw inside when the vendor took off the lid for us. To be clear– I am just *assuming* homemade based on its rusty connections & stripped wires… but perhaps it is a store-bought number that just managed to escape the purview of Mexico’s regulatory authorities.

This kind of stuff almost makes me want to use my electrical engineering degree and build something, since surely I could come up with a product as good as this one… :)¬† Any requests for some electrical goods missing from your life??

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  1. That is great stuff! I lived in Puebla & Tlaxcala for sometime as a young adult and this is exactly the kind of thing we used to bathe “a cubetas” with. However, our little water heater wasn’t nearly as complete and “pretty” as this one, but much larger (5 gal. bucket).

  2. cameron says:

    one that plugs straight into the socket, and tips when finished

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