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Posts from ‘April, 2010’

Motorcycle Helmet FAIL

I feel someone needs to have a chat with the man on this motorcycle regarding “how helmets work.” True, the fact that he even has one with him puts him above many motorcycle drivers here in Mexico City… but now if he would just read the user’s manual…

No Weekend Plans? How about the BURRO FESTIVAL??!?

Trying to keep up with the young hipsters of today, I created a Twitter account several months back & vaguely monitor my fellow “Twitteros” (as they are called here in Mexico). While parsing through Twitter’s mountain of 140-character data bursts is truly a “diamond in the rough” kind of situation, every now and then I […]

Moments when I question my choice of Mexico City spa service providers

It hit me last month that our time in Mexico is quickly coming to a close, causing me to spring into action on a topic that I’d been mulling over for the last year and a half: laser hair removal. (It’s ok, boys, you can stop reading now & I won’t be offended.) With an […]

World Cup Stickers: the latest trend where I’m out of the loop

There has been a frenzy of activity in my MBA class this morning (my LAST MBA CLASS WEEKEND ever, FYI! All that remains is final exams + a week in Phoenix. Praise be.).  You might assume the activity is focused on final exam prep, but you’d be wrong. Instead, there has been a burst of […]

Visit to Boston: 1st day highlights

I scheduled a trip many moons ago to finally get back to Boston  (where I lived from 2002-2006) to visit friends & hang around for Patriots’ Day, better known as the day of the Boston Marathon! I flew out of Mexico City on Wednesday at 9AM & got in last nite. Here are a few […]

Now included on Mexicana flights: free Scandinavian escort!

My recent blogging delinquency has stemmed from our recent vacation to Baja California Sur over Semana Santa (Holy Week) here in Mexico. As you can look forward to hearing about in painful detail in a subsequent blog post, we had a VERY BAD experience with AeroMexico trying to get from Mexico City to La Paz.  […]

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