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Visit to Boston: 1st day highlights

I scheduled a trip many moons ago to finally get back to Boston  (where I lived from 2002-2006) to visit friends & hang around for Patriots’ Day, better known as the day of the Boston Marathon! I flew out of Mexico City on Wednesday at 9AM & got in last nite. Here are a few highlights from the first 24-ish hours (as if to imply that my life is so fast-paced & riveting that you need daily updates):

  • having an Auntie Anne’s pretzel at the Houston airport– touch me salty, buttery, doughy goodness
  • listening to a sales pitch from this Sony VAIO sales rep on the plane:

OK, just kidding; he wasn't actually giving a sales pitch but I have no idea why he was using his airplane seat as a desk

  • randomly ending up sitting next to a guy from Mexico City on my flight from Houston to Boston who turned out to be really nice & friendly, and not only having my first FOUR-HOUR-LONG conversation on a plane, but having my first FOUR-HOUR-LONG conversation on a plane IN SPANISH! Was both very proud of self & pleased to meet total stranger who was amusing to chat with & not crazy (since the risk of a crazy seatmate increases exponentially corresponding to the length of your flight)
  • going to a Wednesday nite show at ImprovBoston, where I used to take improv comedy classes when I lived in Boston. One of the best things I did during my time in Boston, FYI. For any of you out there who haven’t yet heard my “Everyone should take improv classes! Seriously! Even you! No, I promise you will like it & learn amazing new skills! Just do it!” rant, please let me know & I will happily spend 30 minutes extolling the virtues of improvisational comedy.

The stage at ImprovBoston's new home on Prospect Street near Central Square in Cambridge, MA. The props were for the "Magic & Misdemeanors" show put on my one of my former improv troupe cohorts-- see more details at http://magicandmisdemeanors.com/!

  • going to my fav clothes store, Nordstrom, and having the chance to buy a few pairs of shoes from a man with a faux-hawk AND a Boston accent!  (ahhh the memories…)
  • reminding myself that sometimes Macy’s has great deals on really nice clothes, but sometimes, it doesn’t:

This is not the formal dress I will be wearing for my graduation dinner at Thunderbird, in part because I would have had to stitch two of them together.

  • introducing New Englanders to the glory of lucha libre & its ability to strengthen father-son bonds:

You know what they say-- the family that wrestles together, stays together. Here, Matthew & Mike do a valiant impression of a tender moment between Blue Demon and Nacho Libre.

  • and finally, teaching my friend Tanya that the young, cool, hip moms no longer want to be known as the tacky/offensive term “MILF“… Instead, they would like to be known as “MILW”– Mom I’d Like to Wrestle:

You will note that Tanya followed the first rule of Lucha Libre (make sure your mask matches the rest of your outfit). Here, she is shown just after having unmasked her competitor (her 3-year-old son).

It is unknown whether Tanya & her son Matthew were engaged in a mascara contra mascara competition, or the more intense caballera contra caballera battle (review the difference here). I will be checking in the morning to see whether Matthew’s head was shaved as a result of his heartbreaking loss.

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  1. Emma says:


    Cool that you’re back in BosssTon! :-)

  2. Tanya says:

    I continue to realize how much I miss you…the new license plate for the mini van will read…”MILW”

  3. Ruth says:

    Your blog is one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing.

  4. meredith says:

    My husband stands up during long flights because his back bothers him, which may be the reason that guy is standing.
    ps hello from another ex-pat Islander.

  5. Julie says:

    Thanks for the kind words ladies!!
    Meredith– you raise a good point re. general pain while flying…! My knees can appreciate those sentiments, as I hobble off the plane after 4 hours of someone’s seatback jammed against my legs. :)

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