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No Weekend Plans? How about the BURRO FESTIVAL??!?

Trying to keep up with the young hipsters of today, I created a Twitter account several months back & vaguely monitor my fellow “Twitteros” (as they are called here in Mexico). While parsing through Twitter’s mountain of 140-character data bursts is truly a “diamond in the rough” kind of situation, every now and then I come across a piece of information that makes it all worthwhile. This happened to me yesterday courtesy http://twitter.com/mexdesconocido.

While one might not instinctively click on a tweet reading “Feria Nacional del Burro 2010, en Otumba, Estado de México. http://bit.ly/dCv4U8“, two things about it appealed to me:

  1. Estado de Mexico (the state that surrounds much of DF) is within driving distance, so I could actually drive to a festival there, in the thriving metropolis of Otumba.
  2. The Festival is celebrating BURROS (a.k.a. donkeys), and it’s a NATIONAL event, meaning these burros must really be important.

Mexico Desconicido (translation: Unknown Mexico) is a magazine + website in Spanish that offers a general guide to Mexico travel & tourism, and as the name would imply, does a good job covering things slightly off the beaten track. (FYI, the print magazine is much easier to read & has better visuals than the text-heavy articles on the website.) Even if your Spanish isn’t great, it has pretty useful data & lots of pics in the mag version.

What about this image doesn't promise that you are going to have some fun times??

Its online article regarding the Burro Fair was pretty good, but it left me wanting more. Especially after I saw this fantastic logo (right). So, I was off! To the innerwebs!

The innerwebs led me here: http://feriadelburro-2010.ololiuqui.net, and this brings me to the reasons I am blogging about this today. One reason is to make you aware of this fascinating burro event that we are SOOOO going to on Saturday. But the OTHER reason is to show you possibly the most sarcasm-filled website that appears to be (possibly) sanctioned by Mexican government I’ve seen in Mexico. (I haven’t encountered nearly as many ironic/sarcastic publications as I would like here in DF.)

First, let me highlight the bests parts of Saturday’s agenda (as I understand it):

  • 9AM: Presentation of the Queen of the 45th Burro Festival
  • 10AM: Burro Polo.  Location? the burrodromo. ha! of course!
  • 11AM: Grand Carnival of Decorated Burros
  • 12PM: Exciting Burro Races: Formula 1 and Formula 2.
  • and more!!

That was enough to get me excited. But the good stuff really comes in the “Convocatoria” section (announcement or call) where they outline the rules, prizes, etc. (If you want to see some of them translated into English, use Google Translate & check the “Historia” page here.) If I may list a few:

  • Ningun burro participante podrá hacer campagña politica a favor de sus candidatos a Presidentes de la Republica ni Gobernadores.
    • No burro participant will be able to do political campaigning in favor of its Presidential or Governor candidates.
  • Ningún burro con problemas de alcoholismo y drogadicción podrán participar, porque existirá el alcoholímetro.
    • No burro with problems of alcoholism or drug addiction will be able to participate, this is why there will be a Breathalyzer.
  • Se prohibe competir a burros con motores arreglados con propulsión a chorro y pezuñas anchas.
    • It is prohibited for burros to compete with souped-up motors with jet engines and wide hooves.
  • Ningún burro deberá ser analfabeta.
    • No burro should be illiterate.
  • Para evitar contagio de influenza deberá todo burro porta cubre-hocico
    • In order to avoid contagion of influenza, all burros should wear a muzzle-cover. [ala the face masks of swine flu days gone by…]
  • Los burros que atenten contra los derechos humanos no podrán entrar a Burrolandia
    • Burros that threaten against human rights will not be able to enter Burrolandia.

Previous years’ rules included:

  • Aquel burro que desee competir con patines de hielo, no podrá hacerlo en esta carrera, pero podrá competir en nuestros juegos de invierno en burrolake el próximo mes de diciembre (inscripciones abiertas).
    • Any burro that desires to compete with ice skates won’t be able to do it in this race, but will be able to compete in our winter games in Burrolake next December (open enrollment).
  • Los burros que den asilo al ex Sha de Irán, no podrán participar en estos eventos especiales.
    • Burros that give asylum to the ex-Shah of Iran will not be able to participate in these special events.
  • Los burros Ayatolenses serán aceptados en igual número de rehenes que sean liberados.
    • Ayatolan burros will be accepted in equal number as # of hostages released.
  • Los burros braceros de otros países no se admitirán ni en el desfile, ni en la carrera.
    • Burro laborers from other countries will not be admitted to either the parade or the race.

In section outlining rules for participation, the slogan appears to be: “Tienes burro, que esperas?” (which I believe could translate as either “You have a burro, what are you waiting for?”, or “Do you have a burro, then what are you waiting for?”)  :)  The prizes for the Burro Polo and Decorated Burros competitions are actually quite respectable– $5,000 pesos for 1st place in the race and $8,000 pesos for the best-dressed!!

Anyway, this is all so droll that I can hardly believe it is a real event (in which case both the town of Otumba and Mexico Desconocido will receive a sternly worded letter from me on Sunday). I am going to keep my hopes up for the moment.  And local readers, please advise if I should keep an eye out for you Saturday morning at the one, the only, the 2010 NATIONAL BURRO FESTIVAL!!! Yeah!!!!

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  1. Fernando says:


    Visite la página oficial de la Feria del Burro y efectivamente es la página oficial, lo cual hace más atractiva aun la feria.



    1. Julie says:

      Gracias Fegos! Si, tengo que ir, si nada mas para apoyar sus esfuerzas de humor!! :)

  2. Aubergine Kenobi says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, but now I have to thank you for the link to the “reglamento” it has really made my day! My personal favorite is “No se admitirán burros con diez de calificación. Los hay?” I’m sure you’ll have a blast! Looking forward to the pics!

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