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Posts from ‘May, 2010’

Mao and Me

What, did you think I *wasn’t* going to get a photo of me in an ironic t-shirt in front of the Forbidden City in Beijing? It seems a bit unrealistic, don’t you think? 😉 Thanks once again to Threadless.com & the Communist Party. Note the dour, gray, smoggy sky in photo above… Never though I […]

A Visit to the Great Wall!

My time in Beijing has come to end (note: 3 days ago, but the blogging is a little delayed, folks). I am (was) typing this offline while sitting in the Beijing airport, with the distinction of being the earliest passenger to arrive for my 8AM flight. I’m unclear if the guy at my hotel has […]

Hello from China!

Despite what you may think, a lot has happened since BurroFest ’10. First off, I am DONE WITH MY LAST FINAL EXAM EVER!! This past Friday & Saturday (May 8-9) brought about the last weekend of my 2-year, bi-weekly MBA program, with 3 long-awaited final exams. I still owe y’all a snapshot of what an […]

New Trendy Wine Store in Polanco: Bacus

A cute little wine store recently opened up about a block from our apartment in Polanco. It’s called Bacus, and this is their 3rd site so far in Mexico City (other two in Del Valle and Satelite). Knowing that having a wine source so close could cause problems for both our budget + my level […]

What is the Best Festival EVER in Mexico? Ask the burros!!

Let me start by saying: Feria Nacional del Burro 2010 *exceeded* our expectations. Get ready for some heavy photo coverage, folks. As I mentioned on Thursday, I’d gotten wind of this Burro Festival on Twitter, and after seeing how witty their website was, I had no choice but to go. Besides, having a fond place […]

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