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Elisabeth Shue launches misspelled clothing line in Mexico

I would like to be the first to congratulate Elisabeth Shue on the launch of her new clothing line here in Mexico City. For anyone unfamiliar with the illustrious actress, do I really have to remind you of her classic hits like Adventures in Babysitting and Cocktail??

As children of the 80's, who didn't hold out hope for a babysitting experience as thrilling as this with a babysitter as cool/trendy as this??

Anyway, I was grocery shopping at Chedraui (supermarket/hub for fashionistas) yesterday and nearly walked right by this gem, until the dangling tag caught my eye. Elizabeth Shue!!

I expect to see this trend sweeping Mexico by storm this summer.

As an newly-minted MBA, I might advise Elisabeth to consider hiring better proofreaders to ensure a consistent brand image. However outside of the whole name-misspelled thing, I think this piece really embodies the persona that I can only assume she’s trying to project–  a skull with a stake piercing it, Ed Hardy knockoffs, slashed/rocker-chic, etc. All in all, well played, Elisabeth….well played…  :)

Doesn't she just seem to be saying, "Yes, I'm a hardcore, drinking, drug-using, pot-smoking, biker/rocker chick, and my new clothing line will show the world my true colors."?

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  1. Nancy says:

    All the knock off made in China shops here in Mazatlan have a full range of knock off Ed Hardy, AbercrUmbie, and other shirts – I strongly suspect Elisabeth has no idea these shirts are being marketed under her name!

  2. Gilly Bates says:

    What no matching shues?

  3. Julie says:

    Nancy- yes, I strongly suspect the same… :) Let’s hope her publicist has a Google alert set for her name. 😉 And yeah, we have the full gamut of knockoffs around here as well, but I do like the Abercrumbie as a novel trademark-infringement-avoidance tactic…!

    Gilly- ha! Again, I hope her publicist seizes that opp as well!!

  4. Jim O'Hagen says:

    I wonder if she also sells her clothes at Liz Minelli.

  5. esperanza says:

    I think she has bigger things to worry about than people using her name and/or the misspelling of it…that shirt is a damn CRIME.



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