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Mexico City Airport- Terminal 1 Meeting Point

After 30 minutes spent on the innerwebs trying to find an answer to this question, I thought I would share it with any other impending Mexico City airport visitors. (Consider it a follow-up to my “Navigating the Mexico City Airport ” post from last year.)

If you are trying to either go pick someone up or meet another arriving friend at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport (AICM), Terminal 1, you will discover that there are two doors from which people arriving on international flights can leave the secured area. I am not 100% clear on how they differentiate who goes out which door (either E2 or E3, which are just on the other side of baggage claim & customs). If you get there early enough, the TV monitors outside the door should state which door people from a certain flight are exiting. However, if you get there after the flight’s arrival time, it probably won’t be on the TV monitor anymore.

So, you may be wondering, where is a good place to meet someone if you am not sure which door they are coming out of?? There is one restaurant on the lower level of the airport in Terminal 1 that is located BETWEEN the E2 and E3 departure doors. I thought I had this all figured out from the map on the AICM website, which is why I confidently directed my dad to come meet me at the name of a restaurant that I discovered no longer exists– it’s now called something different. :(

BUT NOW I know the name of this restaurant as well as location, so I can share with any inquisitive readers a definitive meeting point in Terminal 1!  And even if the name changes, you can at least describe with precision its location to any arriving friends and family.

So here's the map of the international arrivals section of Terminal 1 at the Mexico City airport. People will arrive through either E2 or E3 on the ground floor. You see the icon of the fork & knife, right next to the "You are Here" sign? That is where the restaurant is. At present, it is called Baron Rojo. Its entrance faces the E2 exit door.

The restaurant is Baron Rojo (at least as of July 2010). It has a bar, so you could go sit there & just order a soda if you don’t want to pay for food while you’re waiting. Or, you could meet right outside the restaurant. This would be basically right where the “You are Here” map is located (of which I took the above photo).

Here's one view of the restaurant, taken when I was standing in front of the E2 exit doors. You can see the restaurant is literally right next to where people come out of the E2 exit (those white glass doors on the right are in front of the secured baggage/customs area). If people end up arriving at E3, they just have to walk forward towards the long hallway & look for the overhead sign that says E2. It is a 1-minute walk.

And here's another dark shot of the inside of the Baron Rojo restaurant.

That’s my hot tip on an easy meeting place inside Terminal 1 of the Mexico City airport. Good luck & happy flying!

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  2. Oh T1 … I spent many a long day exploring those “salas” and hallways due to AeroMexico’s performance issues. Before they moved to the incredibly awesome T2, that is. Good to know of a reliable meeting place in future!

    1. Julie says:

      Taylor- yes, I concur– T2 is definitely my terminal of choice. :)

  3. Michael Wolf says:

    In the interest of completeness, there is a third—and by third maybe I really mean first—exit, E1. It’s tiny compared to E2 and E3. If you’re looking at E2 with Barón Rojo to your left, E1 is a bit further to the right, around the corner. I think that it’s only used for flights coming from the rest of Latin America.

    http://www.aicm.com.mx/informacionalpasajero/mapaaicm/interactivemap.php has an “interactive map” (not my first choice of words) that shows where it is.

    1. Julie says:

      Michael– Yes you are correct! There is indeed an E1. :) I guess I was thinking that E1 was domestic arrivals, but you’re right, it’s also international. The domestic gates in Terminal 1 are down at the other end– Sala A. Thanks for the clarification!!

  4. carey says:

    Just a note to say I’m liking your blog. More specifically, it’s raining like it rains in the rainy season, I’m feeling out of place and missing home, and going outside to distract myself isn’t an option right now. So I am scarfing your blog.
    Random facts esp. good. And I think I’ve been convinced to visit the embassy.
    Cheers, Carey

    1. Julie says:

      Hey Carey! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. :) Yeah, it is definitely more inspiring to get out-and-about when it’s not pouring… I’ll be away for a couple weeks but holler if you want to grab a cerveza in the future!

  5. Jazz says:

    this is EXCELLENT information! thank you – i need to meet a freind and had no idea where would be a good meeting point – great job with this website :)

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