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Mexican food I’ve not yet tried…

As seen at Bar La Estacion across the street from Arena Mexico (the lucha libre venue):

Note: chair is not strategically positioned to block any additional letters... rather, La Estacion just wasn't the kind of cantina where there are a lot of gringas taking photos so I was trying to play it cool from a distance.

You’ll see a few common Mexican snacks listed (in varying degrees of spelling accuracy) in the white lettering. But peruse on down to that 4th line of white text. Pene en su jugo. For any non-Spanish speakers, that means pene in its own juice. (Once you click on the word reference definition, you’ll see why I’m eschewing the specific translation in hopes of avoiding further weird Google searches arriving at this blog.)

La Estacion was not serving any food the Friday evening we stopped in prior to the lucha match, so I did not have the opportunity to sample this gem.

Can any Mexicans tell me– is this a popular dish? A common dish, even? Perhaps some jokester removed some letters before pene, though I can’t think what they would have been? Your insights are welcomed.

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  1. Leah says:

    Perhaps it refers to some kind of penne pasta dish?

    I asked my husband and he didn’t know either. Interested to see if anyone can answer this.

  2. Obet says:

    Hahahahahahaha!….I’m mexican and I didn’t know anything about this “botana” and I have not much disposition to try it đŸ˜€ apparently is another funny work from the Joker-waitress “terror de los menĂºs”. Maybe is a sexy code for a sexy surprise to the sexy ladiesss đŸ˜€ (sorry, I had to say it)

    If this thing is real, many questions come to my mind.

  3. sw says:

    I think I’d be even more concerned about “su jugo” than the pene. Yikes!!

  4. Andrea says:

    Hey Julie!! So….I have to say that in my adventures, I did come across this dish. It’s served quite a bit in Morelia and other Michoacan cities. Haven’t tried it myself, but everyone I was travelling with did (two locals and a friend from Guadalajara). So….my guess is it wasn’t a joke. :)

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