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Posts from ‘August, 2010’

1st Taco & Mariachi Festival in Plaza Garibaldi!

Alert to any Chilangos and/or Mexico City visitors during the week of September 3-12, 2010: two of my favorite things (tacos & mariachis) are being celebrated in yet another Mexican festival!!  (Lest anyone forget how successful the LAST festival was that I recommended, please feel free to revisit my Burro Festival recap.) I am hoping […]

I need a cactus chair

I came across an interesting blog today entitled “Hoy es un gran día para mostrarte lo mejor de México.” (Today is a great day to show you the best of Mexico.)  It’s kind of an assortment of travel hot spots, activities, and design highlights around Mexico. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, he has some […]

How Driving in Mexico City Changes You

~ Conversation snippet from inside our car, Tuesday night, 6:30PM ~ Scene: John & Julie are driving from Polanco to a friend’s house in Condesa for dinner. They are sitting in traffic on Thiers, a street that often requires 2 minutes to drive down, but tonight is requiring about 25 minutes. Traffic is so thick […]

Learn Mexico City slang on your iPhone!

Have you been promising yourself that you would spend some time to learn more Spanish before visiting Mexico City, but you just haven’t gotten around to those Rosetta Stone CDs ? Have you been living in DF for a few years but still have no idea what your taxi drivers are saying while they’re talking […]

Obesity linked to Snickers consumption at gym

My fellow blogger Burro Hall has previously mentioned the ongoing battle between Mexico and the United States over which country can achieve higher obesity rates. Today I discovered another tactic at use in this war. However, it was observed at the US Embassy Fitness Center (patronized by US & Mexican citizens alike), so this tactic […]

Cognitive dissonance: sexy, gourmet hot dogs

While watching television last night in Mexico City, we saw one commercial that really stood out– in a bad way. It ran twice in an hour.  The first time, we debated whether Saturday Night Live producers had somehow snuck a fake, joke commercial into Cablevisión’s Mexico programming. The second time, we felt slightly nauseous. Decide […]

Sancocho: the most impressive meat stew ever

One of my MBA class friends here in Mexico City is married to a woman from the Dominican Republic. For Rodolfo’s birthday last year, his wife made an amazing Dominican creation known as Sancocho de las Siete Carnes. John and I were invited to the Gran Sancochada (as apparently one calls the event at which […]

Elvis Memorial Mass this Monday Night!!

In reading through the Primera Fila section of the Reforma newspaper this morning (which is basically the movie listings & things-going-on-about-town insert that arrives each Friday), I came across this two page spread highlighting all-things-Elvis. Apparently this August 16th is the 33rd anniversary of Elvis’s death, a fact that somehow escaped notice on my personal […]

Best time of day in Mexico City: early morning

The last three days, I’ve been test-running a new morning routine here in Mexico City. The reason for this was the expiration of our Gold’s Gym Polanco membership, which prompted us to reflect on a few questions before we extended it for our last couple months here: They want to charge each of us $1800 […]

Casseroles heal all wounds

After two weeks here in Nebraska, hanging out both at the hospital in Omaha and in my hometown of Grand Island, the time has come for me return to Mexico City. I think the Carmann family is feeling a lot better now that we’ve had some time to gather more information & Mom is well […]

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