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Elvis Memorial Mass this Monday Night!!

In reading through the Primera Fila section of the Reforma newspaper this morning (which is basically the movie listings & things-going-on-about-town insert that arrives each Friday), I came across this two page spread highlighting all-things-Elvis.

There is an Elvis tribute by the "Rebel Cats" coming up tonite, and Elvis in concert happening August 29th. Who could ask for more!!

Apparently this August 16th is the 33rd anniversary of Elvis’s death, a fact that somehow escaped notice on my personal calendar. But what did NOT escape my notice in this article is the following:

Translation: "Mass in memory of Elvis. Like each year, a mass will be offered in memory of Elvis." Of course it will.

So apparently this Monday night, August 16th, at 7:00PM, there will be a church service in honor of Elvis’s memory. Huh. I mean, is this really something I can *not* go to??? I am morbidly intrigued as to how exactly the Parroquia de los Santos Cosme y Damián intends to honor Elvis during this evening mass…  Elvis “pelvis” (as the article states) seems like the last guy of whom a Catholic priest would be encouraging fond memories.

Regardless, in the event that you share my fascination, Google Maps indicates that the church is located here. It also appears quite close to both the San Cosme and Revolución stops on the metro. I wonder if parishoners are required to dress up…

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  1. laurencancun says:

    As the saying goes ¨only in Mexico´´!!!

    I have to admit I am a closet Elvis fan!! However, not enough to attend a service fully devoted to the King of Rock!!

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