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Obesity linked to Snickers consumption at gym

My fellow blogger Burro Hall has previously mentioned the ongoing battle between Mexico and the United States over which country can achieve higher obesity rates. Today I discovered another tactic at use in this war. However, it was observed at the US Embassy Fitness Center (patronized by US & Mexican citizens alike), so this tactic seems to be supporting both sides in this obesity quest…

Check out the section I’ve outlined in red below, from the Fitness Center Rules of Operations:

Snickers are required?!? If you're wondering why my gym-going has increased so much, there's your answer in a nutshell. ;)

Ignoring the absence of rules 2, 3, 10, 11, and 13, focus in there on #4: “Proper dress is required, clothes and Snickers at all times.”  Snickers are required at all times in the gym?? No wonder I haven’t made much progress losing weight here…

What the Embassy gym might look like if rules were carefully followed...

Jeez, am I getting tired of seeing THIS guy at the gym every morning. Put a shirt on, will you!!

* Amazing image quality courtesy the winning combo of Microsoft Clip Art and Microsoft Paint, every graphic designer’s dream team đŸ˜‰

P.S. To avoid the inevitable discussion with some killjoy out there, yes, I realize it is supposed to say “sneakers”, not “Snickers”. *Sigh.*

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  1. Obet says:

    That’s a perfect gym to me….. cruch, cruch!

  2. Auntie C in DC says:

    Seriously? One of your most hilarious posts. :)

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