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Learn Mexico City slang on your iPhone!

Have you been promising yourself that you would spend some time to learn more Spanish before visiting Mexico City, but you just haven’t gotten around to those Rosetta Stone CDs ? Have you been living in DF for a few years but still have no idea what your taxi drivers are saying while they’re talking on their cell phones? Have you been too lazy to read through the Effective Swearing in DF blog, or even to watch Werevertumorro on YouTube?? (Thanks Alice for the video tip!)

Finally there exists what you’ve all been waiting for: an iPhone app for learning Chilango slang & obscenities! Güey Spanish promises to help you “Learn the Mexican slang needed to speak like a Chilango verdadero.”  Here’s the link to their iTunes app as well.

Although I am living in the dark ages with neither an iPhone nor an iPad, I was able to test out Güey Spanish last night on my computer– the app is also available on their website for anyone still trapped in the olden times of laptop use. 😉  I tallied up 50 correct answers & 17 wrong answers during my extremely scientific analysis of the program (a.k.a. how long does it take me to get 50 answers right). The terminology covered on the site definitely skews in the direction of “words I wouldn’t use around my Mexican grandmother unless I wanted to be beaten with a day-old tamale because of my foul mouth”. But the obscenities are interspersed among other abuela-friendly words that you will hear all the time in polite conversation here & probably have no idea what they mean, like fresa, lana, porfis, etc. I hope they continue expanding the vocabulary, because right now I reckon you could cover most of the terms while on a taxi ride from the airport to Polanco during rush hour. :)

¡Chécalo, güey! ¡Órale!

One of the more polite terms covered in Güey Spanish.

Hat tip to Arturo for the alert!

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  1. Joan says:

    I love your blog. It always provides a laugh while teaching me something.

    Don’t worry about being in the dark ages without an iPhone. I have one and can’t get this app–which I need desparately–because it needs a higher version iPhone. Guess I will have to update. You don’t work for Apple, do you??


  2. sw says:

    Well, it appears I have an impressively strong command of slang and obscenities. I’m sure my Spanish teacher would be appalled. I’d like to thank all the Puerto Ricans I’ve ever known. 😉

  3. Julie says:

    Joan– I wish… feel free to mail your Ice Age iPhone down here; I will feel like I won the tech-lottery!! 😉

    sw- surely any good Spanish teacher knows that these are the words everyone wants to learn first… ha!

  4. Hadi says:

    This was totally awesome (I will refrain from producing expressions from said page that might translate this sentence). Many thanks, O tall one.


  5. I blogged about some of my fave expressions here: http://sloaneandpuffy.com/2010/01/20/chilango-slango.aspx
    but you remind me there is much more ground to cover!

    Baygon verde (that means “bye”)

  6. hey I love this Idea, maybe I will finally use my iphone for something productive, awesome!! thanks for the tip

    it´s hard to find Slang on books,

    muchos gracias!! =)

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