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1st Taco & Mariachi Festival in Plaza Garibaldi!

Alert to any Chilangos and/or Mexico City visitors during the week of September 3-12, 2010: two of my favorite things (tacos & mariachis) are being celebrated in yet another Mexican festival!!  (Lest anyone forget how successful the LAST festival was that I recommended, please feel free to revisit my Burro Festival recap.)

Another brilliant mascot!! A sombrero-wearing, guitar-playing taco who's just waiting to be dipped in the roja or verde salsas at his sides.

I am hoping this is the first in a series of awesome Mexican-themed events to occur in DF in the run-up to the Bicentennial excitement this September. To be fair, if I was planning this event (at which CANIRAC anticipates 100,000 attendees), I might have started inviting taco vendors prior to 10 days ago… But I did learn when I was coordinating events at TI that excessive advance notice just doesn’t sit well ’round these parts (or at least may not be as effective as you might think when trying to get people to attend something), so I’m counting this as “cultural differences”. :)  Perhaps the 2-weeks notice is right on track for the taco vendors!

Regardless, I know for sure that the mariachis will be amped up & ready to go, so any “artistic events, cultural events, Mexican snack sales & many more surprises” will just be frosting on the cake!! Mark it on your calendar, people. Not sure where Plaza Garibaldi is? Check the map here. And for anyone of the opinion that Plaza Garibaldi is a den of iniquity & thieves, I beg you to give it a chance– you might have as much fun as these folks did. :)

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  1. laurencancun says:

    Hahaha – I’m sure D.F has a heck of a lot more interesting events than Cancun, enjoy :)

  2. lara dunston says:

    Two of my favorite things too! What a shame we just left – we’re in Costa Rica now! – though we’ll be putting up our Mexico City stories for a few more days yet.

  3. Joan says:

    Thanks for letting us know. My husband and I were in DF and I was using the hotel’s internet and checked your blog. I said to my husband, guess what we’re doing today? We had a great time! I got lots of good photos–guitars lined up by the iron fence, groups of mariachis. But the food was the stand-out of the visit. I loved getting up close with the vendors to ask questions. That festival certainly was the highlight of the trip.

    Keep up your good work!!!

    1. Julie says:

      Joan- Thanks for dropping me a line; so glad to hear it was a success!! We are going tomorrow afternoon. Relieved to hear I did not lead you astray. 😉

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