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Questionable Ladder Usage…

Now, I’m not saying that this guy isn’t a highly-trained professional…

As seen in Polanco this weekend

….I’m just not saying that he is….

"...just...a little...farther...I can...almost....reach it..."

Anyone in Mexico City offering review courses on ladder operation? Perhaps something like, “Slanted Ladders: Which Side is Your Friend?”

P.S. Bicentenario pics coming soon to a blog near you!! Honest!!

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  1. Frank says:

    I’ve forwarded this to my father, CEO of the Lynn Ladder and Scaffolding Co, and am awaiting his expert opinion. Or a heart attack.

  2. Frank Sr. says:

    My expert opinion is if you don’t have a respect for gravity, you should at least obey the traffic signal and STOP!

  3. sw says:

    That’s impressive! I love the fact that he is safely safety-harnessed TO THE LADDER!

  4. laurencancun says:

    De ja Vu. I just drove by a fella today on his ladder, holding a machate trying to chop down some palms on a main avenue here. No help from anyone, just swinging away! I thought…in Canada there are so many things wrong with this picture, here in Mexico….just keep on driving! LOL!!

    Yours still takes the cake. LOL. That guy is gonna fall over, someone tell him! LOL!!

  5. Julie says:

    Frank^2– I’m glad to hear my concerns are echoed by an actual trained professional. 😉
    sw/lauren– It seems to be Overhead Cable Repair Week here in Mexico City, as I’ve seen no fewer than 5 more incidences of dudes on single ladders stabilized AGAINST THE OVERHEAD CABLE and nothing else. TOTALLY safe. And yes, even better to be harnessed to the ladder, making it harder to escape when the ladder plummets to the earth. 😛

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