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German names don’t go well in Spanish

John & I are rather sad to be leaving Mexico City after an amazing 2 years and 3 months. I have been trying to look on the bright side & think of things that we will not miss about Mexico. It isn’t going very well, because the best thing I’ve thought of so far is:

  • People in the US are more familiar with German names. Therefore, it is less likely that when we order pizza over the phone in the US with the last name Herickhoff, we will receive a pizza accompanied by either an easy mistake or a thinly-veiled insult (depending on your perspective).

What are you trying to tell us, Papa Johns?

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  1. Joan says:

    How are you going to find this kind of material in the US??

    Will you change the name of your blog?

    I am sure you want to be back in the USA but I will miss your funny writing on all things Mexican. You have a great sense of humor. Thanks for all the laughs.

  2. Michael Wolf says:

    Ah yes, surname mangling and pizza chains. Back when I lived in Roma Sur, I was in my local Pizza Hut’s database as Miguel Biólogo. I thought that using “Lobo” as my surname would be easier, but my Spanish wasn’t too good back then (come to think of it, I only knew that I’d “made it” once I could order pizza over the phone without difficulty) and maybe there was some background noise, so Wolf got turned into Biologist.

    These days I just go with López. A better translation, and once a month or so people even write it correctly.

  3. Jonna says:

    I guess it is time for all of us lurkers to come out and say thank you. I’ve really enjoyed your take on living in Mexico and it has made me laugh many times and had me shaking my head in agreement also. I’ve been living here in Mérida about the same amount of time that you’ve been in DF. I’m here for the long haul though, but then I’m retired. Enjoy your new life back in the US, remember Mexico with fondness and I hope that you return when you can. I feel I know you now so I’d love to continue reading if you keep writing. Qué le vaya bien.

    Oh, and I’m impressed that you got all those H’s on your pizza order. My last name starts with an H as well and I just leave it off, keeps it simple.

  4. laurencancun says:

    Aww….I’ll miss your stories!!!

    Hehehe – that is too funny!!! I have a Croatian surname, and let me tell you growing up in Canada wasn’t always the easiest!!! Hahahaha – so I can relate to this!!!

  5. Julie says:

    Joan– you are right– there is no way I will find this kind of stuff in the US. I will have to create a new blog of “Dull Things I’ve Seen in Virginia”… It will be riveting 😉

    Michael– I got a good laugh from your Wolf/Biologist anecdote. You raise an excellent point with the “just stop trying” strategy. :)

    Jonna- thanks so much for the note! So glad you’ve enjoyed the blog & I hope you continue enjoying your time in Merida! We didn’t make it there during our Yucatan trip, but hope to get back there someday– will keep you posted. :)

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