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Mexico Driving Hazards

We’re staying in the Marriott Reforma for our last week here in DF, so please forgive the lack of communication– internet in our hotel room costs $250 pesos/day (gag). I’d been having luck standing against the window of our spot on the 14th floor & connecting to “Mexico Ciudad Digital”, the only unsecured network in the area. But after 20 minutes of holding my computer on one hand at shoulder-height and mashing the touchpad with the other hand, I gave in to Marriott’s “much worse of a deal”– $50 pesos for 1 hour– to see if anyone  had written back dying to purchase our couch. (No such luck.)

As I stay online at 12:41AM getting my money’s worth of the full hour, here’s my fav pic from today’s drive to Xochimilco (we went to visit the Museo Dolores Olmedo upon recommendation of our good friend Cynthia— totally worth the visit!). I question whether this taxi driver’s peripheral vision is up to recommended standards….

We passed this taxi quickly, trying to avoid conflict...

In other news today, the Festival Olímpico Bicentenario was as random as you might have expected. Favorite sights included:

Hot guys playing sand volleyball

Loads of little kiddos ready for a swim...

....all rapidly diving into the pool at once, which seemed to be functioning quite well after being set up in 24 hours!

There were an impressive number of handicap-accessible events, like this adaptation of soccer for the blind.

Similarly, they had an incredibly impressive dance troupe of young boys/girls, half of whom were in wheelchairs, dancing to traditional Mexican songs. They were precious.

The group festivities were followed by samba dancing in pairs, again equally impressive & not held back by their wheelchairs in the least!

Tomorrow AM we are off to a “Despedida con Arepas” courtesy our good friends from Venezuela, so off to bed to prepare for more cross-cultural farewells!! :)

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  1. Joan says:

    After all you did to blog for us, the least I can do is respond.

    I LOVE the photo of the balloon taxi! It should be entered in some contest.

    I went to Dolores’ museum a few years ago and it remains one of the best memories. It made Diego become a real person as I imagined him canoodling with Dolores. Actually I didn’t linger on that thought too long. But I loved the drawings he did as a child. Impressive.

  2. Nilly Welson says:

    I came across your blog not too long ago – maybe 2 years max. I’m very interested in these types of blogs as my wife & I are planning to live in Mexico at least part-time once I retire in 7-8 years. She’s from there originally and I love the place. It’s been wonderful to read about the experiences of someone similar to myself (not exactly though – you have a much better attitude, plus I’m only 5′ 11″, plus I’m a guy, plus I’m not from from the mid-west (Euopean), plus I’m 20 years older than you, plus I’ve lived near Mexico for the past 30 years, you get the idea…) but you have a unique perspective on the whole ‘gringa living in Mexico’ thing and it’s been fun to read. I’ve commented on a few things, but this will probably be the last one. Once you move I’ll unfortunately have no more interest in your non-taco eating, socializing with Americans, coping with the lousy Northeast weather, beer and wine-drinking lifestyle. But that’s ok – we all have to move on, right? Thanks for some lighthearted entertainment and disfruta la vida.

    Chris Robin, Gilly Bates, etc.

    P.S: You’re a good writer – you should maybe consider that as part of your future.

  3. laurencancun says:

    Wow, your last week already!!!

    You know you are in a BIG city when they are charging for internet in your room!! Here in Cancun, direct competition means it’s still free…. :)

  4. Julie says:

    Joan– thanks! The balloon taxi is one of my new favorites. My husband was not amused by my “Wait!! Slow down! I have to get my camera out! Stay right next to him!!” directives while driving. 😉

    Nilly– Thanks for the note; it sounds like we are virtually twins. :) Because I have actually been quite lazy in documenting many of our shenanigans here, I may drag the blog out a few more months with other Mexico snippets if I stay inspired. But yes, I agree with you– I have yet to ID a sufficiently-amusing angle for a blog back in DC. Posts about “Traffic on the beltway was quite slow but surprisingly organized” are not remotely interesting to me. 😉

    Lauren– I know, I have no tolerance for the exorbitantly-priced internet. Today I’m opting for the $35 peso latte = “free” internet @ Starbucks.

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