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Please make me some jello, Mexico-style

Nestled among the names of a few restaurants & esoteric museums on my “Things I Didn’t Get to Do While I Was in Mexico City” inventory, one activity regarding jello sits there on my list of regrets. Jello wrestling, you ask optimistically? No, my friends. It is actually a cooking class that I had my eye on, entitled “Gelatinas Individuales 3D” (a.k.a 3D Individual Gelatins). The, uh, jello school I found is called Gelart Floral with instructor Lourdes Reyes Rosas; check out her course offerings here.

See, you can almost FEEL the jello-driven excitement pulsating through the air!!

I was never quite able to convince myself that I should pay $1550 pesos (~$123 USD) for a class about jello when growing up in the Midwest, one is already instilled with such a treasure trove of knowledge about how to suspend bits of fruit and/or veg in terrifying jello salads. But the thing is, these are different. If you reside in Mexico, perhaps you’ve already seen them being sold at a street stand or carried around the Zocalo in those multi-leveled glass dessert housings? They are small, individual-sized (maybe 4″ in diameter?), half-sphere jello molds that appear to have a flower trapped inside of them. A THREE DIMENSIONAL flower trapped inside of them. How did it get there? How are its petals formed with such precision? Does it taste any good? These are all open questions for me. Don’t make yourself suffer in ignorance, as I have been doing for the last month. 😉

Just a sampling of the many 3D floral offerings that you could soon master... (photo courtesy Lourdes' website)

The reason I highlight these jello art forms to you today– I am still on Lourdes’ mailing list that announces her monthly schedule of jello training in addition to other dessert lessons, like how to make the traditional Rosca de Reyes that is made each January with a plastic baby Jesus baked inside of it. (Come on, surely THAT piques your curiosity enough to book a flight to Mexico right now!!) Anyway, another Gelatinas Individuales 3D class is coming up this month!! Monday December 13th, folks, in Colonia Navarte, Mexico DF.  Sure, it’s during the workday from 11-3, but tell me that you’re not the least bit intrigued…?  Yes or no: these would be the most novel thing you’ve ever seen at a dinner party? I say yes!

Surely these taste as good as they look...?? (Photo courtesy http://bit.ly/dYXt37)

Basically, I am counting on one of my Mexico City friends to go take this class, and then come visit me in Arlington, VA and teach me how to make these gems. What’s in it for you, you might ask? Well, besides the obvious benefit of becoming the Most Talented Jello Artist in your family/circle of friends, I feel like this is probably also good clown training. Don’t these feel like something a clown might hand out at a birthday party? A trendy, fashionable clown? So you can also consider this career retraining– arm yourself today with the skills to compete in the economy of tomorrow!! (Assuming it is an economy dependent on highly-skilled clowns.)

To get more info about the class, drop Lourdes an email at lourdes@gelartfloral.com. Please do not hesitate to get in touch once you are a certified Gelatinologist, and I look forward to learning all that you know. The world thanks you in advance for spreading the magic of Mexican jello molds across borders.

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  1. Jenny says:

    OK, OK! I wanted to do it, I even asked some other folks – next weekend 3D class I’m in!

    1. Julie says:

      yipeee!! I knew I could count on you, Jenny. I will be awaiting your return, come 2012. 😉

  2. deselfleur says:

    These are so pretty. One of my aunts (from Zacatecas) knows how to do these. She whipped up about 30 in 30 minutes during her last visit. She does it with a syringe; the process is completely mesmerizing and magical. (I refused to learn because that would kill the magic.)

    1. Julie says:

      Aha! Desel, you confirm my assumption that magic is involved. (well, that + some carefully-wielded syringes…) Please send her my way!! :)

  3. Krystal says:

    Awesome, that has now been added to my list of things to do while living in Mexico. Since her website is in English, I’m assuming the classes are too? If not, I’ll have to brush up on my spanish gelatin vocabulary.

  4. Katie says:

    Excellent. I’m in Maryland, so I’ll be waiting to hear when this wave hits the greater DC area. :-)

  5. Hi Julie
    It was a surprise to know you wrote about me. One person contacted me today asking for the classes beacause he read about them in your blog. Thank you so much. Are you still in Mexico? Where do you live? I travel frecquetly to the US to impart classes.
    If you are still in Mexico you could come to a class. The flowers in my gelatins are not made with a syringe, my method is easier!

    I hope to hear from you soon.


  6. Joan says:

    This is so cool! I would definitely take one of Senora Lourdes’ classes. I am fascinated with the flower.

    I love gelatinas in Mexico. Thanksgiving 2009 I was in Oaxaca and those in my apartment “complex” celebrated. LaSenora of the only Oaxacan family made individual peach gelatins with a whole wild peach in each one. Heaven.

    BTW, Julie I am happy to see you back blogging.

  7. Laura says:

    Hi julie maybe you want to know that here in USA we have ,also a
    3d gelatin artist too. She is from Mexico and she is specialist in the 3d gelatin technique. Her website is http://www.3dgelatin.com she has wonderful work, and a e-book an affordable price.

  8. Hi Julie! I’m probably finding your post a little bit too late… but anyway…
    just wanted to tell you my story..
    I am from Aguascalientes, Mexico… born and raised…lived there till I was 26 when I came to Texas with my husband..
    while living in Mexico I came across this beautiful art a few times, at a party, baptisms, etc. and as you, I always wondered about it…but never had time or will to learn…
    well… I just remembered about this amazing creations a couple of months ago and since there was nothing about them on the baking aisles at the grocery store and I couldn’t find a thing anywhere… I started looking online for any picture, video or website that could show me something about them.
    I watched lots of videos and tried several recipes ’till I found what it seems to work the best for me, gelatin perfectly clear, great flavor and texture… but that was the easy part…
    after that I had to learn how to manage the tools… turned out I suck with the spoons and knives and all that… I do better just with the syringes and needles… after lot of practice and videos and pictures to remind myself what was I suppose to do… I managed to create some pretty decent flowers for my daughter’s second birthday party…
    It has been about a month from that day and everyone who ate or kept their jelly flower told me I should start a business out of them… and since I’m a home staying mom right now, I’m doing it!
    What I’m trying to say here is… if you haven’t by now, you can learn too, on your own, watching the videos and pictures, but most of all, practicing… that will give you the skill… not the 140dls class or the 80dls tool kit…
    and if you don’t want to wait till you learn to try them.. leave me a message at my facebook page and you can buy some of ours 😀 anytime you come visit Southeast Texas!!

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